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Learn to speak Polish

Learn Polish Vocabulary & Pronunciation - Fruits & Vegetables

Exploring grocery stores can be one of the traveling's greatest everyday pleasures. In Poland most of its cities and towns offer three options for food shopping: the traditional open-air or covered market, the small Mom-and-Pop store, and the modern supermarket. The first one is worth visiting for the atmosphere alone, its rich sights, smells and sounds.

Poles still like shopping there even though regular stores abound with a wide variety of products. Markets offer fresh and cheap vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and other food, especially in the morning. And buying from the stalls almost invariably requires some mastery of Polish. Therefore, look at the words and phrases below. They might be helpful when you are out shopping.

Text by Anna Kruszewska-Achmatowicz

Learn how to pronounce and spell various fruits in Polish.

Agrest / - Ahgrehst
{audio}media/polish/fruits/Agrest.mp3{/audio} Gooseberry
Ananas / Ananasy Ahnahnahs/ Ahnahanahsi {audio}media/polish/fruits/Ananas.mp3{/audio} Pineapple
Arbuz / Arbuzy Ahrboos / Ahrboozj {audio}media/polish/fruits/Arbuz.mp3{/audio} Watermelon
Banan / Banany Bahnahn / Bahnahni {audio}media/polish/fruits/Banan.mp3{/audio} Banana
Brzoskwinia / Brzoskwinie Bzhohskfeenyah / Bzhohskfeenyeh {audio}media/polish/fruits/Brzoskwinia.mp3{/audio} Peach
Cytryna / Cytryny Tsitrinah / Tsitrini {audio}media/polish/fruits/Cytryna.mp3{/audio} Lemon
Czeresnia / Czeresnie Chehresynyah / Chehresynyeh {audio}media/polish/fruits/Czeresnia.mp3{/audio} Sweet Cherry
Daktyl / Daktyle Dahktil / Dahktileh {audio}media/polish/fruits/Daktyl.mp3{/audio} Date
Figa / Figi Feegah / Feegee {audio}media/polish/fruits/Figa.mp3{/audio} Fig
Grejpfrut / Grejpfruty Greyfroot / Greyfrooti {audio}media/polish/fruits/Grejpfrut.mp3{/audio} Grapefruit
Gruszka / Gruszki Grooshkah / Grooshkee {audio}media/polish/fruits/Gruszka.mp3{/audio} Pear
Jablko / Jablka Yahpwkoh / Yahpwkah {audio}media/polish/fruits/Jablko.mp3{/audio} Apple
Jagoda / Jagody Yahgohdah /Yahgohdee {audio}media/polish/fruits/Jagoda.mp3{/audio} Blueberry
Jezyna/Jezyny Yehzhinah / Yehzhini {audio}media/polish/fruits/Jerzyna.mp3{/audio} Blackberry
Malina / Maliny Mahleenah / Mahleeni {audio}media/polish/fruits/Malina.mp3{/audio} Raspberry
Melon / Melony Mehlohn / Mehlohni {audio}media/polish/fruits/Melon.mp3{/audio} Melon
Morela / Morele Mohrehlah / Mohrehleh {audio}media/polish/fruits/Morela.mp3{/audio} Apricot
Pomarancza / Pomarancze Pohmahranchah / Jjohmahrancheh {audio}media/polish/fruits/Pomarancza.mp3{/audio} Orange
Porzeczka / Porzeczki Pohzhehchkah / Pohzhehchkee {audio}media/polish/fruits/Porzeczka.mp3{/audio} Currant
Sliwka / Sliwki Syleefkah / Syleefkee {audio}media/polish/fruits/Sliwka.mp3{/audio} Plum
Truskawka / Truskawki Trooskahfkah / Trooskahfkee {audio}media/polish/fruits/Truskawka.mp3{/audio} Strawberry
Winogrono / Winogrona Veenohgrohnoh / Veenohgrohnah {audio}media/polish/fruits/Winogrono.mp3{/audio} Grape
Wisnia / Wisnie Veesynyah / Veesynyeh {audio}media/polish/fruits/Wisnia.mp3{/audio} Cherry

Learn how to pronounce and spell various vegetables in Polish.

Burak / Buraki Boorahk / Boorahkee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Burak.mp3{/audio} Beet
Cebula / Cebule Tsehboolah / Tsehbooleh {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Cebula.mp3{/audio} Onion
Cukinia / Cukinie Tsookeenyah / Tsookeenyeh {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Cukinia.mp3{/audio} Zucchini
Czosnek/ - Chohsnehk/ - {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Czosnek.mp3{/audio} Garlic
Dynia / Dynie Dinyah / Dinyeh {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Dynia.mp3{/audio} Pumpkin
Fasola / Fasole Fahsohlah / Fahsohleh {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Fasola.mp3{/audio} Beans
Groszek / Groszki Grohshehk / Grohshkee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Groszek.mp3{/audio} Peas
Kalafior / Kalafiory Kahlahfyohr / Kahlahfyohri {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Kalafior.mp3{/audio} Cauliflower
Kapusta / Kapusty Kahpoostah / Kahpoosti {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Kapusta.mp3{/audio} Cabbage
Ziemniak / Ziemniaki Zyehmnyahk / Zyehmnyahkee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Ziemniaki.mp3{/audio} Potato
Koperek/ - Kohpehrehk / - {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Koperek.mp3{/audio} Dill
Kukurydza / Kukurydze Kookooridzah / Kookooridzeh {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Kukurydza.mp3{/audio} Corn
Marchewka / Marchewki Mahrhefkah / Mahrhefkee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Marchewka.mp3{/audio} Carrot
Ogórek / Ogórki Ohgoorehk / Ohgoorkee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Ogorek.mp3{/audio} Cucumber
Papryka / Papryki Pahprikah / Pahprikee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Papryka.mp3{/audio} Raspberry
Pieczarka / Pieczarki Pyehchahrkah / Pyechahrkee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Pieczarka.mp3{/audio} Mushrooms
Pietruszka / Pietruszki Pyetrooshkah / Pyetrooshkee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Pietruszka.mp3{/audio} Parsley
Pomidor/Pomidory Pohmeedohr / Pohmeedohri {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Pomidor.mp3{/audio} Tomato
Por / Pory Pohr / Pohri {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Por.mp3{/audio} Leek
Rzodkiewka / Rzodkiewki Jzhohtkyehfkah / Zhohtkyehfkee {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Rzodkiewka.mp3{/audio} Radish
Sałata / Sałaty Sahwahtah / Sahwahti {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Salata.mp3{/audio} Lettuce
Seler / Selery Sehlehr / Sehlehri {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Seler.mp3{/audio} Celery
Szczypiorek / - Jshchipyohrehk / - {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Szczypiorek.mp3{/audio} Chive
Szpinak / - Shpeenahk/ - {audio}media/polish/vegetables/Szpinak.mp3{/audio} Spinach