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You are here: Home Artykuły~Articles Learn to speak Polish Learn to count in Polish listen and learn pronunciation.

Learn to speak Polish

Learn to count in Polish listen and learn pronunciation.

NumbersDo you travel for fun or business? Or are you planning to? Depending on what language or languages you can speak or make yourself understood in, if you travel far enough, sooner or later you will arrive in a strange land where they speak a different language than you. So when you go into a store or a restaurant, you spend a great deal of time trying to puzzle things out. Does the word look like an English word? If so, maybe it has a related meaning. Is there a picture right beside the word or phrase? If so, how is it referring to the picture?

How bright is the person you are trying to communicate with? Do they understand your hand gestures, and vice versa?

Do not let language inability keep you from independent travel. In many or most cases very little is needed to enjoy a trip. The basics include, among others, numerals. Knowing how to count in a foreign language can help you order in a

restaurant, find a street address, tell the time to catch a bus and many other things. Let us look at Polish numerals. Today we will learn cardinals.

Learn how to pronounce and spell numbers in Polish.

0 Zero Zehro {audio}media/polish/numbers/Zero.mp3{/audio} Zero
1 Jeden Yehdehn {audio}media/polish/numbers/Jeden.mp3{/audio} One
2 Dwa Dvah {audio}media/polish/numbers/Dwa.mp3{/audio} Two
3 Trzy Tshi {audio}media/polish/numbers/Trzy.mp3{/audio} Three
4 Cztery Chtehri {audio}media/polish/numbers/Cztery.mp3{/audio} Four
5 Pięć Pyehntsh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Piec.mp3{/audio} Five
6 Sześć Shehsytsh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Szesc.mp3{/audio} Six
7 Siedem Syehdehm {audio}media/polish/numbers/Siedem.mp3{/audio} Seven
8 Osiem Ohsyehm {audio}media/polish/numbers/Osiem.mp3{/audio} Eight
9 Dziewięć Dzhehvyehntsh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Dziewiec.mp3{/audio} Nine
10 Dziesięć Dzhehsyehntsh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Dziesiec.mp3{/audio} Ten
11 Jedenaście Yehdehnasytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Jedenascie.mp3{/audio} Eleven
12 Dwanaście Dvahnahsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Dwanascie.mp3{/audio} Twelve
13 Trzynaście Tshinahsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Trzynascie.mp3{/audio} Thirteen
14 Czternaście Chtehrnahsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Czternascie.mp3{/audio} Fourteen
15 Piętnaście Pyehtnahsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Pietnascie.mp3{/audio} Fifteen
16 Szesnaście Shehsnahsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Szesnascie.mp3{/audio} Sixteen
17 Siedemnaście Syehdehmnahsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Siedemnascie.mp3{/audio} Seventeen
18 Osiemnaście Ohsyehmnahsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Osiemnascie.mp3{/audio} Eighteen
19 Dziewiętnaście Dzhehvyehtnahsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/Dziewietnascie.mp3{/audio} Nineteen
20 Dwadzieścia Dvahdzhehsytshah {audio}media/polish/numbers/Dwadziescia.mp3{/audio} Twenty

The numbers 0 through 19 are easy enough, right?

For 20 through 99, counting is almost just like in English: the ten word (twenty, thirty, forty, etc.) followed by the ones word

(jeden, dwa, trzy). 100+ are self-explanatory

21 Dwadzieścia Jeden Dvahdzhehsytshah Yehdehn {audio}media/polish/numbers/21.mp3{/audio} Twenty One
22 Dwadzieścia Dwa Dvahdzhehsytshah Dvah {audio}media/polish/numbers/22.mp3{/audio} Twenty Two
23 Dwadzieścia Trzy Dvahdzhehsytshah Tshi {audio}media/polish/numbers/23.mp3{/audio} Twenty Three
24 Dwadzieścia Cztery Dvahdzhehsytshah Chtehri {audio}media/polish/numbers/24.mp3{/audio} Twenty Four
25 Dwadzieścia Pięć Dvahdzhehsytshah Pyehntsh {audio}media/polish/numbers/25.mp3{/audio} Twenty Five
26 Dwadzieścia Sześć Dvahdzhehsytshah Shehsytsh {audio}media/polish/numbers/26.mp3{/audio} Twenty Six
27 Dwadzieścia Siedem Dvahdzhehsytshah Syehdehm {audio}media/polish/numbers/27.mp3{/audio} Twenty Seven
28 Dwadzieścia Osiem Dvahdzhehsytshah Ohsyehm {audio}media/polish/numbers/28.mp3{/audio} Twenty Eight
29 Dwadzieścia Dziewięć Dvahdzhehsytshah Dzhehvyehntsh {audio}media/polish/numbers/29.mp3{/audio} Twenty Nine
30 Trzydzieści Tshidzhehsytshee {audio}media/polish/numbers/30.mp3{/audio} Thirty
40 Czterdzieści Chtehrdzhehsytshee {audio}media/polish/numbers/40.mp3{/audio} Forty
50 Pięćdziesiąt Pyehndzhehsyont {audio}media/polish/numbers/50.mp3{/audio} Fifty
60 Sześćdziesiąt Shehsydzhehsyont {audio}media/polish/numbers/60.mp3{/audio} Sixty
70 Siedemdziesiąt Syehdehmdzhehsyont {audio}media/polish/numbers/70.mp3{/audio} Seventy
80 Osiemdziesiąt Ohsyehmdzhehsyont {audio}media/polish/numbers/80.mp3{/audio} Eighty
90 Dziewięćdziesiąt Dzhehvyehndzhehsyont {audio}media/polish/numbers/90.mp3{/audio} Ninety
100 Sto Sto {audio}media/polish/numbers/100.mp3{/audio} One Hundred
200 Dwieście Dvyehsytsheh {audio}media/polish/numbers/200.mp3{/audio} Two Hundred
300 Trzysta Tshistah {audio}media/polish/numbers/300.mp3{/audio} Three Hundred
400 Czterysta Chtehristah {audio}media/polish/numbers/400.mp3{/audio} Four Hundred
500 Pięćset Pyehntseht {audio}media/polish/numbers/500.mp3{/audio} Five Hundred
600 Sześćset Shehsytsheht {audio}media/polish/numbers/600.mp3{/audio} Six Hundred
700 Siedemset Syehdehmseht {audio}media/polish/numbers/700.mp3{/audio} Seven Hundred
800 Osiemset Osyehmseht {audio}media/polish/numbers/800.mp3{/audio} Eight Hundred
900 Dziewięćset Dzhehvyehntsheht {audio}media/polish/numbers/900.mp3{/audio} Nine Hundred
1,000 Tysiąć Tisyonts {audio}media/polish/numbers/1000.mp3{/audio} One Thousand
2,000 Dwa Tysiące Dvah Tisyontseh {audio}media/polish/numbers/2000.mp3{/audio} Two Thousand
3,000 Trzy Tysiące Tshi Tisyontseh {audio}media/polish/numbers/3000.mp3{/audio} Three Thousand
4,000 Cztery Tysiące Chtehri Tisyontseh {audio}media/polish/numbers/4000.mp3{/audio} Four Thousand
5,000 Pięć Tysięcy Pyehntsh Tisyehntsi {audio}media/polish/numbers/5000.mp3{/audio} Five Thousand
6,000 Sześć Tysięcy Shehsytsh Tisyehntsi {audio}media/polish/numbers/6000.mp3{/audio} Six Thousand
7,000 Siedem Tysięcy Syehdehm Tisyehntsi {audio}media/polish/numbers/7000.mp3{/audio} Seven Thousand
8,000 Osiem Tysięcy Ohsyehm Tisyehntsi {audio}media/polish/numbers/8000.mp3{/audio} Eight Thousand
9,000 Dziewięć Tysięcy Dzhehvyehntsh Tisyehntsi {audio}media/polish/numbers/9000.mp3{/audio} Nine Thousand
10,000 Dziesięć Tysięcy Dzhehsyehntsh Tisyehntsi {audio}media/polish/numbers/10000.mp3{/audio} Ten Thousand
100,000 Sto Tysięcy Sto Tisyehntsi {audio}media/polish/numbers/100000.mp3{/audio} One Hundred Thousand
1,000,000 Milion Meelyohn {audio}media/polish/numbers/Milion.mp3{/audio} One Million