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Did you know that?

Koń, koło i język a DNA Słowian i innych


Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski


Did You Know that . . . ?

Compiled by Robert Strybel


-- With a population of more than 38 million, Poland has more people than Sweden, Austria, Israel, Finland, Norway and Denmark combined.


-- You should never write to relatives in Poland that you are arriving 8.4.2006 (meaning August 4, 2006), because they will think you already arrived on April 8th. Since the days and months are transposed in European numerical dates, it is best spell out the month in full: August 4 (or 4 sierpnia).


-- The flood waters of the Rivers Biebrza Narew in northeastern Poland and the Warta in the west constitute Europe’s biggest wetlands which are nesting grounds for numerous species of waterfowl. They may be visited by kayak, canoe, rowing-boat or pontoon, but motorboats are not allowed.


-- In terms of terrain, Poland has most everything a tourist could want: mountains rimming the country’s southern flank, a seacoast in the north, and forests, lake districts, flat farmland and rolling hills in between. For sightseers there are plenty of architectural relics and quaint rural backwaters to choose from.


Did you know that? Interesting Polish facts for May 2008

*** Poland’s principal river is the Wisła (Latin and English: Vistula, German: Weichsel) which has its origin in the Tatra Mountains down south, winds its way northwards over a distance of 1,047 km (650 miles) and empties into the Baltic around Gdańsk.

*** Worth visiting and organizing a bus tour to is the Polish Museum of America, a rich repository of Polish art, historical items, folk costumes, military mementos and memorabilia associated with Kościuszko, Modrzejewska and Paderewski. For more information contact: 984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622-4199; phone (773) 384-3352; website: pma.prcua.org


Ask Our Man in Warsaw

Q: You wrote a while ago about hot Poland’s real estate market is and that means you can make a lot of money on real estate there. Here in the US the market is not good and it’s really hard to sell homes. Is the Polish real estate market still hot and can a Polish American get a piece of the action if he’s willing to invest? Please do not print my full name and address in the paper, because I still haven’t made up my mind on this.

A.S. St. Clair Shores, MI

A: Since mid-2007, when the market was really hot and some people were getting 100% returns and more on their investments within a year’s time, things have cooled off somewhat, but the market is still doing OK. To find out what’s available and how to go about it, please visit Web site: www.primepropertypoland.com Good Luck!