Dr. Victor Forys Responds to Attacks by Career Springfield Politician Feigenholtz

Dr. Forys

Feigenholtz, a Springfield politician, gets a substantial portion of her campaign money from the insurance industry, according to state disclosure records of campaign contributions to Feigenholtz. [Illinois State Board of Elections]  

„Professional Springfield politicians like Feigenholtz would rather protect insurance companies than patients. The professional Springfield politicians like Feigenholtz and Rod Blagojevich have promised health care reform time and again, and time and again the people have been let down because of campaign contributions from the insurance industry,” said Victor Forys, M.D.
On April 2nd, 2008, Feigenholtz was given a chance to vote to allow the citizens of Illinois the right to recall our governor in April, but she voted against the final amendment to the bill. 
In a second vote to send the bill to the Senate on April 8th, Feigenholtz did not vote at all, despite the unpopularity at the time of Governor Blagojevich, who the legislation was written to address.  The Illinois House on April 8th overwhelming passed Recall for elected officials, such as Blagojevich, yet Feigenholtz was a no-show for this vote. 
„Is this the kind of lack of leadership we can expect from Sara Feigenholtz in Washington,” asked Dr. Forys. „She is a part of the Springfield culture that needs cleaning up and when she had a chance to help clean up Springfield she was missing in action on the most important vote this last year which was giving citizens the right to recall Governor Blagojevich,” Dr. Forys continued.
„Who knows more about health care? My practice has over 10,000 patients, most of whom live in the Fifth Congressional District, and many without health insurance that I see regularly.  I have never turned a way a child whose family couldn’t afford to pay and didn’t have insurance. How dare a Springfield politician, who takes thousands from the insurance and drug companies, question my qualifications to represent patients in Congress,” said Dr. Forys.