How Much Does Your State Love Christmas?

Kylie McQuarrie

There are a few ways to do Christmas. Some people go the traditional route: they’ll prop up a tree, string lights, and swap presents. Others ditch the decorations, book a cruise, and head for warmer weather. 

How much is your state into the wintertime holiday? It varies. Southern states like Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama have the most Yuletide cheer, ranking the highest for jamming to Christmas tunes and tweeting about the season. Meanwhile, sunnier states like Hawaii, Nevada, and Florida rank low for festive zeal.   

How seriously does your state deck the halls? The team at GetCenturyLink did some hardcore digging to find out. See if your state boasts Whoville-worthy Christmas spirit, or if it’s the grinchiest of them all. 

Interesting Finds 

  • 25 to 30 million Christmas trees are sold in the US every year. To put that in perspective, that’s more than trees than the enture population of Switzerland (which is only 8,591,365). 

  • The bottom five states (Nevada, Hawaii, California, Florida, and Arizona) all share a low chance of having a white Christmas. Perhaps the lack of snow points to why it’s harder for these warmer states to tap into their Holiday cheer.  

  • The most expensive Christmas tree ornament in the world goes for $130,000. It includes 1,578 diamonds, 18-carat white gold, and 188 red rubies. Sound a bit ridiculous? It is, but all proceeds go to charity, which we can get behind. 

  • Tennessee has the most Christmas spirit, scoring a top ten ranking in the categories Christmas tweets, Christmas music listening, and Google searches for “Christmas movies.”

  • Alaska scored a sad ranking of 40th overall, but it snagged the #1 ranking in two different categories: Christmas tweets and searches for ‘Christmas Cards’ on Google shopping. 

  • Utah gets the top prize for being the most giving state. According to the IRS, the Beehive State donated 4.8% of their adjusted income in 2018.  


To determine which US states have the most Christmas spirit, GetCenturyLink’s data analysis team put their heads together to compare data in two main categories: online activity and area culture. 

We analyzed each category using ten metrics listed below. We finalized our Christmas spirit ranking by calculating the weighted average for each state across all metrics. 

Online Activity

  • Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses (29%)

  • Google shopping trends for wrapping paper, Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments, and “elf on a shelf” (28%)

  • Number of Christmas songs streamed (14.5%)

  • Number of tweets related to Christmas (7%)

Area Culture 

  • Number of Christmas tree farms per capita (7%)

  • Amount of charitable donations (14.5%)

The States with the Most Christmas Spirit, Ranked Highest to Lowest 

  1. Tennessee

  2. North Carolina

  3. Utah

  4. Ohio

  5. Alabama

  6. South Carolina

  7. Pennsylvania

  8. Oregon

  9. Rhode Island

  10. Kansas

  11. Maine

  12. New Hampshire

  13. Missouri

  14. Idaho

  15. Vermont

  16. South Dakota

  17. Iowa

  18. Wisconsin

  19. West Virginia

  20. Montana

  21. Washington

  22. Nebraska

  23. Massachusetts

  24. Mississippi

  25. Kentucky

  26. Indiana

  27. Connecticut

  28. Oklahoma

  29. Colorado

  30. Virginia

  31. Maryland

  32. Georgia

  33. New York

  34. Minnesota

  35. Arkansas

  36. Illinois

  37. Wyoming

  38. North Dakota

  39. Louisiana

  40. Alaska

  41. Michigan

  42. Delaware

  43. Texas

  44. New Mexico

  45. New Jersey

  46. Arizona

  47. Florida

  48. California

  49. Hawaii

  50. Nevada