Jesse White and Alexi Giannoulias Add Payment Options at Drivers Facilities Statewide

Seal of the State of Illinois

Beginning in mid-July, 137 Secretary of State facilities began accepting the bankcards.  So far over 30,000 transactions have been reported.  The office is projecting that two million customers will use credit cards in 2009. 

The processing fee for using the credit card is 65 cents or .021 percent of the amount of the transaction, depending on which is greater.  For example, a $10 transaction would cost $10.65, while a $78.00 renewal would be $79.64.

The Treasurer’s Office operates the E-Pay program, which holds a master service contract for credit card acceptance. The Treasurer’s Office offers credit card technology to all agencies and municipalities in the state. By negotiating and holding the master services contract, the Treasurer’s Office can negotiate the best pricing for the services, technology, software, training and maintenance for no charge to our more than 500 users. The SOS is the largest user of the program.

The Secretary of State’s office, which handles renewals and registrations, reports over one million transactions in the vehicles department in a month.  The office’s drivers department, which handles driver’s licenses and identification cards and renewals, reports over 350,000 transactions a month.

“The Treasurer’s Office is thrilled to play a role in Secretary White’s effort to make it easy and convenient for Illinois consumers to make payments at Illinois’ driver’s license facilities throughout the state,” said Giannoulias. “Just like businesses, government has a responsibility to give its customers the widest possible array of payment options. This partnership demonstrates good government-to-government business that allows the state to accept credit and debit cards at the point of sale without the risk of paying high processing costs.”