Poland BIO Business Forum



CHICAGO (May 6, 2010) – Held Wednesday, May 5, 2010 in Chicago, IL, the US-Poland BIO Business Forum was one of the most significant contributions in recent years addressing issues related to the entrepreneurial and innovative importance and potential of biotechnology in US-Poland trade and investment relations. Hosted by the Polish American Chamber of Commerce (PACC), in partnership with LifeScience Cluster of Krakow, Poland, and the Driehaus Center for International Business at DePaul University, the event brought together educators, business, and government leaders, who have been active participants in, or intimate observers of, bio technology and US-Poland commercial relations.



The impetus behind the May 5 Forum was in large part to welcome and honor members of the Polish Delegation to the BIO International Convention which took place in Chicago May 3-6, 2010. The Forum included addresses by Zbigniew Kubacki, Minister Counselor / Head of the Trade & Investment Section at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington DC, and by Dr. Tadeusz Pietrucha of bioregion Lodzkie. Dr. Tomasz Mroczkowski of American University’s Kogod School of Business offered a keynote address on the perspectives for development of BIO technology in Poland and options for collaboration between the US and Poland. A panel discussion moderated by Miller Canfield Principal Michael Traison featured Pawel Blachno, CEO Jagiellonian Center of Innovation Ltd.; Iwona W. Bochenska, International Trade Specialist, IL Office of Trade & Investment; John D. Chaffee, President & CEO North Carolina’s Eastern Region; Jozef Dulak, PhD, DSc, Professor, Head of Department of Medical Biotechnology; Kazimierz Murzyn, Managing Director of LifeScience Cluster Krakow; and Richard A. Walawender, Principal at Miller Canfield.



 “Participants in our Forum had a great opportunity to tap into a wealth of information as well as meet key players and representatives of one of the largest and currently most dynamic economic sectors,” says PACC executive director Bogdan Pukszta. “We’re also very pleased that the Department of Trade and Investment at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington DC was among the earliest and strongest supporters of the event.”


Notable corporate sponsors of the Forum included Miller Canfield and Daxam, Inc. In addition to the Driehous Center for International Business, DePaul University, organizational co-sponsors included the LifeScience Cluster of Krakow, PAIiIZ, and the Chicago-based Pangea Alliance.


 Iwona W. Bochenska, International Trade Specialist, IL Office of Trade & Investment.


“As the host organization, the Polish American Chamber of Commerce intended to make a significant contribution to helping identify new markets and new opportunities, with special emphasis on capitalizing on the US-Poland partnership,” said PACC President Lucas Fuksa. “We are confident that the high caliber of presenters, their inspiring, thought provoking and informative presentations, and the enthusiastic response we’ve heard, confirm that we have succeeded again, benefiting our members, the local business community, the US, and Poland,” added PACC president Lucas Fuksa.


Kubacki The less formal finale of the event was a reception for presenters, sponsors, and special guests hosted by PACC Board Member and Miller Canfield Principal Michael Traison at his residence located in one of the upper floors of the iconic John Hancock Center.

Those in attendance included Minister Counselor Zbigniew Kubacki, Consul General Zygmunt Matynia, Katowice City Council Member Jozef Zawada, Boleslawiec City Council Member Bogdan Nowak, and Kazimierz Murzyn of Krakow’s LifeScience Cluster. The reception was an excellent opportunity for Forum attendees and others to revisit the issues presented during the first part of the day, and to cement new relationships.




As the voice of Polish American business men and women, the PACC is dedicated to serving their best interests through education on current trends and facilitating commercial contacts. The organization is at the forefront at encouraging and promoting domestic and foreign trade to benefit its members, and to contribute to the expansion and integration of the Polish and Polish American business communities in the U.S. and abroad.




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