“Shrek The Musical” follow-up/review



Recommeneded   As a follow up to  my article abut this musical for the family( see articles), I must tell you that this road show was not quite what I had hoped for. This , being a touring production, and one that is in many towns for a week-end, is a little flimsy on the ste and since each theater they play is different difficult to adapt as quickly as they could on a longer run. The Rosemont Theater is a nice venue, but best for concerts and variety type shows. The stage is deep and pretty far from the seats at the back of the house.

“Shrek” is a very funny show with lots of more adult jokes, so while your kids may love the animated version, they might not be as impressed, or even understand some of the material. I attended with my grand-kids, who are used to attending theater, but many of the audience members around us were not comfortable with the over two hours they sat in the theater. The players did a reasonable job, the dancing was adorable ( in particular the Pied Piper’s Rats doing a great tap number), Shrek himself was lovable and of course Fiona was a dream. Problem- the play is only here for a week-end so many will not be able to see for themselves. On top of that it is a Holiday week-end and today ( Friday) was Black Friday.

I will tell you what Adam and Sarah said

I liked pinocchio and the three little pigs.I liked pinocchio because his nose kept growing longer and longer.

I liked the three little pigs because they were really fat.And i also liked the three little pigs because they were really funny.sarah’s favorite part was princess Fiona.she liked

Fiona because she was soooooooooo pritty.


Adam typed this and sent this to me by e-mail after talking with his sister. They didn’t want me to influence them in any way. I will tell you that I watched them and their reactions along the way- the show did keep their interest ( for the most part) but if they want the “family” they need to make a few cuts here and there. The puppetry and handling of the dragon was wonderful and the love story we witnessed created something special. Maybe next time, it will come for a longer time and they will make some trims to keep the little ones into the story


The Rosemont Theater is located at 5400 N. River Road in Rosemont and “Shrek” will only be here through Sunday, the 27th as you will find in my ARTICLE under “Shrek”