Storytown Improv Returns for 2018-2019 Season

Storytown Improv is getting ready to start its regular shows again after its annual summer break.
The shows will take place every Saturday morning at 10.30am, at Stage 773, 1225 W Belmont Ave, Chicago. The first show of the season is on Saturday, September 8, 2018.
The weekly shows in the childrens improv group’s home encourage the audience to take the lead and shape the story. You help us decide if we get whisked away to a deserted island, a castle where the royal baker has run out of flour, or a far away planet where everyone travels around on jet packs. Children not only decide on the location but come up onstage to help design the backdrop, help develop the characters, provide sound effects, and can even become a part of the action themselves.
Storytown founder, Jill Olson, commented:
After our annual summer hiatus, we’re delighted to be back in our regular home and performing our weekly shows. We’ve had a great summer performing around Chicago in nontraditional locations bringing improvisation and theater to new communities.  We’re excited to welcome our new fans to Stage 773 for a complete theatrical experience.  We’re dedicated to providing exceptional quality theater for an affordable price.  In the city of improv, we’re creating entertainment the whole family can enjoy together.
Tickets for the show are $10 each (free for children under two), and are available to purchase from the theater on the day of the show, or in advance from the box office either online at, or by calling 773 327 5252.

Storytown can make your birthday party unforgettable on a Saturday morning.  Through the use of improvisation, there are no limitations to the creation of a special fairy tale created around the birthday boy or girl in front of his or her friends and family.  Families can invite their party guets to our regular scheduled Saturday performance and let us be the entertainment.  Hosts are able to bring food and arrive early for their celebration to set up our lobby for the party.

Storytown can also coordinate a special workshop for the special day.  This one hour workshop will introduce participants to the basic fundamentals of improvisation.  Participants will engage in an array of interactive exercises that will stretch their bodies, voices and imaginations in a variety of ways and ultimately experience how collaboration and cooperation are the main ingredients for creating a fully interactive imaginative improvised story.

Contact Jill Olson today to get more information on creating a truly unforgettable birthday!   Email [email protected] or call 773-245-3443 for more information.

 About Storytown Improv:
Storytown is an interactive improvisational musical that gives children hands on ownership of the arts. Children are encouraged to take an active role in Storytown. They can choose the location, design the backdrop, give suggestions for characters and plot, become characters themselves, and aide our performers in any way they can imagine. Storytown becomes the canvas for their imaginations. We honor, embrace and elevate their ideas.
Regular shows take place every Saturday at 10.30am, at Stage 773, 1225 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, 60657. Tickets are $10 (free for children under 2). Shows are recommended for children age 3-10 and their whole family.
For more information contact Storytown founder, Jill Olson:
[email protected]
773 245 3443