The 35th Anniversary Radio Chicago WPNA 1490 AM! 

 CHICAGO: The 35th Anniversary of Radio Chicago was celebrated at the Copernicus Annex on December 4, 2016. It was a very memorable event for organizers, artists, the Radio Chicago Team and audience.
RADIO CHICAGO: It is a catchy name, in English and in Polish. Congratulations to Waldemar Lada and Slawomir Bielawiec – Radio Chicago founders, and their spouses: Basia i Jolanta, on this special occasion.


 Radio Chicago team.

Kinga Modjeska did an excellent job as the MC of this special anniversary! The journalist’s bios sounded like poetry!
Entertainment – it was a unique combination of different styles of music:
Waldemar Lada, and Bruno Gatinet from Paris! The audience joined in singing French songs. It showed linguistic abilities of many people in the audience. It was an international celebration of music.

Waldemar Łada,  Grzegorz Grdeń, Kinga Modjeska, Andrzej Mikołajczyk, Sławomir Bielawiec.

Agnieszka Iwanska (vocal) and Sławomir Bielawiec (piano), Antykwariat – Quintet – great music, and songs from the 1920s – Polish songs have great meaning.
Radio Chicago Team makes the difference during the Morning Drive in Chicago: Alicja Otap, Christina Skoczylas, Tatiana Kotasinska, Barbara Bartel, D.j. Grzegorz Grden, Zbigniew Banas, Robert Knapp, and Krzysztof Wyszkowski. Anna Barauskas made many valuable contributions in previous years.

Barbara Bartel and Andrew Mikolajczyk.

I have made some contributions for the last 10 years. I focus on American issues related to the Polish-American Community and Poland. I met some colleagues for the first time face to face.
Chicago is fortunate to have the largest number of radio programs in Polish in the entire United States! I personally value many other professional colleagues. The competition is very strong.
Radio Chicago has been making significant contributions! It was affirmed by Mr. Frank Spula, PNA President, Jacek Niemczyk, currently director of WPNA 1490 AM, by Consul Konrad Zielinski and many listeners.

Alina Mikolajczyk, Agnieszka Iwanska, Andrew Mikolajczyk.

The 25th Anniversary is a great occasion to celebrate! Every day brings new responsibilities and new opportunity to serve Polonia with current, relevant information to meet the needs of different generations of listeners.
The future looks promising. Thank you for your cooperation and listeners for listening.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
@ Andrzej Mikolajczyk