Vice Presidential Debate short summary


Joe Biden on the other hand, argued that the financial crisis is the result of bad politics of George Bush and the Republicans in the recent years.

Biden said that this is the most important election in many years, that American economy is in very bad shape and that the country needs fundamental changes to its politics. He mentioned that John McCain has approved the key factors of economic politics of George Bush, even though McCain claims to be self motivated politician.

Sarah Palin disagreed claiming that the most important factor is lowering taxes. She criticized Barack Obama for wanting to raise taxes for corporations and wealthy Americans.

In his riposte, Joe Biden argued that this concerns only 5% of the wealthiest citizens and that the taxes will be lowered for the rest of Americans.

Joe Biden criticized McCain & Palin as alleys of pro corporate politics of George W. Bush and that McCain has claimed the American economy is strong even though the bankruptcy of American banks.

Palin’s attacks towards Obama were usually definite opposite of Biden’s who declared that she stretches facts.  She criticized Democrats for opposing off shore drilling, and claimed that this could lead to freeing the country from dependence on foreign oil.

Although after big skepticism, Biden and Obama have agreed to drilling offshore, they still argue that the real solutions are alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind power.

The other part of the debate was devoted to international issues, where the host Gwen Ifill asked questions about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the US politics towards Iran, Europe, China and Russia.

Palin insisted the surge strategy based on the increase of military should be used in Afghanistan as it was used in Iraq.

Biden quickly responded that this method will not work in Afghanistan as it would be better to increase spending for rebuilding.

Using the same arguments as McCain, Palin criticized Obama for his plans of meeting the leaders of countries such as Iran and North Korea, stating that his plans are not only naïve but also dangerous.

Joe Biden disagreed saying Obama never mentioned he is planning to meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad explaining that the president does not have the highest power in Iran.

According to critics, Sarah Palin was liked by the viewers, often looking straight and smiling to the camera as if she was talking directly to the viewers. Her statements seemed as if it they were read from a paper, proving that she was well prepared for this debate.

Charles Krauthammer announced that Biden has won the debate based on points with his strong arguments as his temperance and discipline prove his positive reviews.