2024 Malapolska Spring Wildlife

2024 Malapolska Spring Wildlife

As we drove from Krakow’s airport to our small village outside of Tarnow the green landscape was pleasing to the eye, a reason why Poland is called the “green island.” This was contrasted with a dove, falcon or robin flying by. Sitting outside our home watching the white cumulous clouds float by we were surprised with Polish black, brown or white eagles flying high overhead on the warm thermals. Even more unusual was the appearance of an American bald eagle reminding us of the ten thousand troops. stationed in Poland including the special forces unit at the airport we arrived to Poland.


Of course, when the nearby fields were mowed by a tractor, the storks which arrived yearly from central Africa ambled through the fields looking for a meal to take to their little ones high in their safe nest near the pastor’s rectory nearby. The stork would then fly right over us showing the prize meal trophy they had earned by diligent detective work stalking back and forth in the fields. Yellow canaries that flew all the way from the Canary Islands off Spain’s coast were a pleasant sight. Robins, sparrows, and swallows serenaded us morning, noon and night, since the sparrows had a nest on the south side of the house, the swallows on the north side, and the robins in the nearby three-story high pear tree.

Once in a while, a duck or goose or two would fly by having wandered off from the nearby lake. Occasionally a doe or Mr. and Mrs. brown pheasant would prance along the field near the river foliage where the tall grass and many fir trees offered cover and nutrition. Poland has changed dramatically over the past three decades to a modern economic, military powerhouse in the European Union despite being ignored in the American and British media. Building and business is slower this year because of the 50% to 100% inflation depending on the item purchased, but there is optimism for a brighter future.

Robert John Zagar PhD MPH

Agata Karolina Zagar MBA

Robert John Zagar PhD MPH is a clinical, forensic, industrial, school, and neuropsychologist. He testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime Terrorism and Homeland Security 24 July 2012 about saving lives and $billions with the teen summer job program using jobs, mentors, anger management under Mayors Daley and Emanuel now overseen by Allstate CEO Wilson for 255,806 high risk youth, 1070 homicides prevented, and diverting 56% of nonviolent offenders from Cook County Jail copied by President Obama in releasing 6,800 nonviolent federal prisoners by commutation and pardon. Mayor Daley shared Robert Zagar’s research with the University of Chicago who founded the Crime Lab to impact policy reforming the justice and mental health systems. Loyola Former President Father Michael Garanzini, S.J., Ph.D., shared Robert’s 2016 and 2019 papers with Pope Francis who changed canonical law for the first time in 65 years to deal with the pedophilia challenge by using computer psychological tests. Robert graduated from Northwestern University with a doctorate in research design and statistics and has taught in a dozen universities and authored sixty peer reviewed scientific articles. Agata Zagar graduated from Univerty of Illinois Chicago and Roosevelt University in business administration. She founded Society of the Friends of Radgoszcz which provides scholarships in Poland.