ACPC Scholarships for Summer Studies in Poland




ACPC Last year’s winner, Christopher Wojdak selected the Jagiellonian University in Krakow to undertake a course in Polish language.  Upon his return home, Christopher enthusiastically reported that he recommends this scholarship opportunity as a superior learning experience.  Students were placed in groups according to their language skills and each group had two “phenomenal” teachers.  Material was presented in an interesting and fun manner.

          Christopher discovered that Krakow was “beauty in and of itself, and the Old Town with its magnificent castle, cathedrals and monuments represented a fascinating array of sightseeing as well as nightlife attractions.  Tours were scheduled every weekend, e.g., Zakopane with a great chance to hike in a very scenic mountain range, and a visit to Wielicka , Poland’s oldest salt mine with its beautiful crystal sculptures .  Christopher added that he met people of all ages from many parts of the world.  Students were “amiable and open-minded” and he made a number of new friends.  He concluded that “I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life.”

          At an appearance during an ACPC Board Meeting in Rochester  NY, Christopher’s parents personally thanked the Council for giving their son such a grand educational opportunity.  His mother said that not only did this experience improve Christopher’s language skills, but also he grew to have an even greater fondness for Polish cuisine.  His father added that the three weeks in Poland deeply enriched their son’s personality.  “It was a journey like no other he ever experienced.”

          An application and requirements list to apply for the Summer Studies in Poland scholarship may be obtained by visiting the ACPC website, or by contacting

 Mrs. Camille Kopielski at 847-394-2520.