All American Boy & Girl Award Ceremony



The 97 award finalists were selected from several thousand applicants to appear before a panel of judges for a formal interview. Following the interviews, thirteen winners were selected representing each grade and gender.

“The All-American Boy & Girl Awards now date back roughly 40 years,” Congressman Lipinski said. “The goal of the program has always been to recognize the dedication and commitment to education and achievement not just of our students but also of their parents, family members, teachers, coaches, and many others throughout the Third District. Its success and longevity are a testament to the strength and vitality of our community. As always, I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to congratulate our finalists and our winners on their success and encourage them to continue their efforts. We call them All-American because it is their hard work and character and that of many others like them that assures a bright future for country.”

Each finalist was awarded a certificate for their hard work and superior essay. The thirteen winners were awarded a special plaque and a United States savings bond.

Pictured are the winners. Eighth grade winners were Patrick Hosty of St. Gerald School, Daniel Rooney of St. John Fisher, Daniel Ziarko of St. Jane de Chantal, Margaret Durkin of St. Daniel the Prophet, Sierra Lai of Robert Healy Elementary, and Caitlin O’Sullivan of Finley Jr. High School. Seventh grade winners were Samual Dacanay of Michael Byrne Elementary, Carlos Castillo of St. Rene, Matthew McKendry of St. Cajetan, Katherine Fennessey of St. Christina, Shannon Doody of Worth Jr. High School, Rebecca Gallas of Santa Lucia School and Jade Grek of Bridgeport Catholic Academy.

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