“Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder”


***** Wow! What an amazing show! I have not been a viewer of all the previous summer productions of Cirque Shanghai at Navy Pier, but based on the newest production, “Dragon’s Thunder”, I will be a regular for years to come. Unlike a lot of “Cirque” shows, this is more spectacle than story which means that the audience doesn’t have to deal with lame story-lines, just solid performances. Tumbling,juggling,Balancing and more, jaw dropping acts.

 I was in awe as the troupe performed one amazing feat after another. The audience was fixated by the beauty,energy and physicality displayed by this troupe, keeping them on the edge of their seats from start to finish. I loved the “Chinese Flex Bar” as the tumblers did incredible somersaults and twists landing on a space that did not seem possible to land on. The “Gravity Swings” took your breath away and the “Wheel of Destiny” makes your hear beat as the performers flirted with disaster.

 “The Globe of Death” is by far the largest number in this show as we watch, not four ( the usual number) but five motorcycles twist and turn at speeds that are unbelievable , coming within inches of each other. This is the highlight of the show for almost everyone in attendance, but it is agreed, as special as this one act is, the entire production is a theatrical experience that a family can enjoy and retain as a solid memory of their experience in Chicago. For those of you who enjoy the Silks, contortionists and other acts, you will find that all of the numbers are not thrillers, The Chinese Drums ( for the first time in a Chicago production) adding rhythm that energizes the performance.  There are comic numbers as well making this a well rounded attraction for people of all ages and ethnicity’s to enjoy.                                                                                                                                        

The “Pepsi Skyline Stage” is a permanent structure at Chicago’s Navy Pier, located just West of The Shakespeare Theatre and because of the construction, weather never is involved- rain or shine, the show goes on, and it does so through September 2nd with many performances per day- Wednesday and Saturday nights, Fireworks at Navy Pier, allows you to view the show, walk back onto the Pier and watch the spectacular displays ( no extra charge).

 To get complete schedule and ticket prices, visist www.ticketmaster.com.shanghai or www.navypier.com/cirqueshanghai/schedule.html

75 minutes of family fun awaits you at Chicago’s Navy Pier