Fall/Holiday Collection at a Fashion Show in Miami Beach


The show received overwhelming accolades; not just for the fabulous designs, and exciting looks, but for the ability to purchase any of the pieces immediately upon the completion of the show; either online or at the Julian Chang boutique in Miami’s MIMO district. In the past retail customers have had to wait six months or longer to purchase the fashions they see on the runway.  However, as Julian stated; „Technology is advancing and as a consequence the industry is evolving, and we all need to recognize that our clients’ expectations are changing. 



















To remain relevant we designers, need to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Consequently, we are making our designs available to our clients in „real time”; „what they see, is what they can get”; now, when they want it and are excited about having just seen it on the runway.”

Julian is currently showing his Fall/Holiday Collection along with some of the designs that will be in his Spring Collection.