MAUI–  GET A JOB, the movie, screams sequel.  The first home-run came with all the musical star power.  Then the director, Brian Kohne, coaxed laugh after laugh from his lead comics, Willie K, Eric Gilliom, Augie T and Jake Shimabukuro.  Gilliom was trained at the Goodman School of Theatre at DePaul University

 The movie also had the pleasure of the award winning musical soundtrack from the BAREFOOT NATIVES.  This is another grand slam home-run for island entertainers, Willie K and Eric Gilliom, who have toured as the BAREFOOT NATIVES.    The sound engineering was done by Marcin Tyszka and the sound design was produced by Allan Zaleski, both Polish Nationals.

 This Hawaiian film journey showcases local folks trying to get by.  William (Willie K), an employment agent, who is trying to save his own job, is also struggling both at work and with his gal-pal Laura (Carolyn Omine).  William can salvage things if he finds a job for the simpleton Merton (Gilliom).  Merton just wants to surf every day.  Watch for the Japanese granny scene mid-movie, the sequence steals the show.  Also Augie T is a show stopper with his Filipino comedic styling and encore dance moves.  Another wow-factor is the understated humor of Jake Shimabukuro.

 The movie entertained thoroughly and the music was a double bonus.  Merton and the ‘Goat Wrestling’ championships were howling good fun. Maui is sure more than hotels, beaches, sunrises and umbrella drinks.  Tourists forget that the regular population has to make a living. In Hawaii, sometimes that is difficult.

 The GET A JOB soundtrack was nominated for the 2013 Na Hoku Hanohano award (Hawaiian Grammy).   Mick Fleetwood opened the final wedding band scene pounding his giant percussion sounds.  It was a short musical spectacle.  Cameos by Willie Nelson, Pat Simmons and Amy Hanaiali’i were other added bonuses. 

 The movie was recently released to DVD and VOD.   www.getajobmovie.com