POLONIA WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. Tarnów, September, 3-5, 2017


This year’s Polonia World Economic Forum will take place in Tarnów on  September 3-5, 2017.

The Program of this forum is dedicated to entrepreneurs, business community organizations, and local governments. On Sunday (September 3, 2017) there will be a day off from official meetings. From the south, the Forum’s guests can reserve previously booked hotel rooms, and in the evening visit Old Town and attractions of Tarnów in the company of a guide. On this day, the organizers provided only one orientation meeting for the invited foreign guests. The President of Tarnow will host a Polonia welcoming dinner, which will include, the Tarnów City authorities (Board, Counselors, and Directors of Departments), among others. The official inauguration of the Second Polish World Economic Forum will take place on Monday at 10:00 am at the Ludwik Solski Theater in Tarnów, at ul. Mickiewicz 4.

In the Forum Program a series of thematic panels devoted to economic cooperation between Polish companies and businesses operated by Poles abroad will be held. The possibility of supporting Polish companies in their countries of operation, along with the cooperation of organizations to promote the Polish Brand and the image of Poland and Poles in the World are planned. Individual Regions of Poland (provinces, counties, and municipalities) will have the opportunity to meet with Polonia organizations that are interested in being permanent and long-term co-hosts. Polish cities will have the opportunity to establish contacts to sign agreements within the international partner city project labeled „Sister-City”.

For two days, registered participants of the Forum will participate in B2B meetings, and Polish entrepreneurs, local authorities, and organizations will have the chance and opportunity to present their own offers dedicated to Poles, especially in terms of investment, cooperation, tourism proposals, and Health tourism (spas, medical-spa, specialist clinics).

A special event during the Forum will be the selection and award of the „Economic Eagle of the World Polonia”. Applications for nomination may be made by organizations of the business environments in Poland and from all over the world, where the „Polonia” organizations are active. Polish diplomatic missions (Embassies of the Republic of Poland, Consulates, Trade and Investment Departments of the Republic of Poland) are also eligible for applications.

The criteria for selection should define unique qualities and merits for the promotion of Poland, including the undisputed authority in the environment of their respective residence, and achieved economic or scientific success.

We invite those interested and eligible to submit proposals and applications via the form posted on the Forum „Candidate for POLISH WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM” (www.polonia4um.com).