The 17th ‘Kolory Polski’ [The Colors of Poland] Festival is organized by the Łódź Philharmonic and takes place from June to September 2016, and celebrates appreciation for classical music and for historical Łódź architecture.


Nearly all of the twenty concerts will be performed in a different places, including old churches and monasteries; mysterious castles and museums; valuable exhibits, and parks and forest glades. Listening to music in such places differs from the traditional concert experience offered by the philharmonic during fall/spring season. Projects inspired by folk culture, old art and unconventional arrangements of classical and popular music—many created newly for the Festival—dominate in the program. Audiences will have a chance to hear not only well established artists but also musicians just starting their careers. Some features offered to those who are not afraid to experience something new include: rare instruments, folk artists sharing the stage with professionals, and courageous improvisations. 

Admission to all concerts is free, with the exception of the final performance. Tickets for the final performance (September 2, 2016 at 7pm, in the Łódź Philharmonic Hall) will be sold online at and in the building of Łódź Philharmonic from June 30th until August 16that: 
June- July-September, 2106

The Colors of Poland Festival
Łódź, multiple venues
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