Top European Ski Fliers Head for Fox River Grove!


Tajner When word that one of the top Canadian ski jumping teams ever assembled was heading south to try and capture top honors at the annual Norge Ski Jumping Championships on Jan. 30 several European teams began packing their bags and securing their passports for the long 10 hour flight across the Atlantic.

Norway will be returning to the nation’s oldest ski jumping competition in Fox River Grove after winning the meet last year.  To compete in a tournament like Norge which interpreted means „Norway” is especially exciting according to several of the young Norwegian ski jumpers.


 Polish jumber-Tomisllaw Tajner .

Poland also put on quite a show for fans last year with some of the longest, most stylish jumps of the day. Team members were very proud to see so many Poles in attendance due greatly in part by the excellent coverage of Chicago newspapers.

This year the Team representing Poland will be: Robert Dziurkiewicz, Tomisllaw Tajner and Artur Broda.

Robert Dziurkiewicz


 Just two weeks after the Norge competition will be the famous „Continental Cup International Ski Meet” held annually in Iron Mtn. Michigan on the nations largest ski jumping hill.  Among the favorites to take top honors will certainly be the incredible Finnish jumping team.  And of course, when the Finnish team realized that they will be in the Midwest during the Norge meet, they had to sign up their top gun Ateam and stop over in Fox River Grove.

Michael Glasder will lead the Norge team of well trained, well tuned jumpers in an attempt to place a Norge skier atop the podium at the end of the day.  Glasder has had his share of top honors at Norge and around the world.  To win this competition with so many ski jumping greats gathered from around the globe would certainly be a very special moment not only for Michael for the entire club.


The competition takes place on Sunday, Jan. 30 at Noon.  Admission is $15 at the gate or $10 if purchased in advance from local area merchants.  To see a list of pre-sale locations go to 

For further information call 847/639-9718.  Parking is free and there will be a free shuttle from the Shopping Center parking lot between Dominick’s and ACE Hardware at Rt. 22 and Rt. 14.  There will be food and beverage sold at the event.  Coolers and pets are not allowed.  Children 12 and under are admitted free.



In 1954 Charlie Sedivec flew off a 350′ tower onto crushed ice and across the width of Soldier Field at 50mph.  As he prepared to slam into the bales of hay propped against the rigid wall at the other end his first thought was, „How far did I go?”  His second thought was, „Wow, this is really going to hurt!” as he completed his thrilling  dare devil leap with three taped ribs broken the day before in a water skiing accident. Nothing was going to keep him off the field that day. Irony…gotta love it!