Press Release.
For more than 60 days hundreds of thousands of people went out to the streets around the whole country, around the whole world to peacefully demand changes in Ukraine. For more than 60 days hundreds of thousands of people specifically expressed their position to become the part of European Union. For more than 60 days Ukrainian government ignored and simply denied our right to determine constitutional order in the country, granted by Constitution. Article 5 of the Fundamental Law sets forth: “The people are the bearers of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine. The right to determine and change the constitutional order in Ukraine belongs exclusively to the people and shall not be usurped by the State, its bodies or officials.”

Instead of hearing their own people, the government illegitimately introduced new laws, practically turning a de jure democratic country into a dictatorship state. Over the last 60 days democratic institutions in Ukraine had been dismantled. Peaceful protesters attacked and shot dead by fire arms by police. Political speech and the freedoms of assembly, association, and press were banned by new laws passed via an unconstitutional procedure. Many people got arrested without due process taking Ukraine out of the community of democratic nations and placing it under tyranny. A lot of people were severely injured and ended up in hospitals trying to claim their rights on the streets.

We urge the White House to urgently impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials responsible for human rights violations and help Ukrainian people stand up to the tyranny. We ask to support Ukraine in holding democratic elections for a new parliament and bring to justice all perpetrators of state power.

Protests in Ukraine are not only about inclusion to European Union and improved life; it’s also about our desire to act freely in own country without the fear of getting arrested. According to the new laws, which are already in action, we can get at least 2 years of imprisonment for spreading posters like this one and arranging peaceful public demonstrations in Ukraine. That’s why it’s important for us to spread the word about this humiliation and violence currently happening because nobody can hear us in Ukraine anymore.

Please join our public demonstration on Sunday, January 26, at 10am,
5046 S. Greenwood Ave.
Northwest corner, East Hyde Park Boulevard and Greenwood Avenue
Chicago .
Your voice can help us to be heard!