Why Are Floridians Investing in Panama Real Estate, Moving There?

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Top 10 Reasons Panama Is a Top Destination for Owning Property

By Evie Brooks and Lief Simon

1. Weather – Panama has consistent temperatures throughout the year, with highs between 80 and 90 degrees. It has a rainy and a dry season, with the dry season starting in December and ending in May. If you’re looking to escape winters up north, you can spend time in Panama during the best weather months of January, February, and March. In addition, Panama is outside the hurricane belt. 

2. Cost of Living – Panama offers coastal living at a fraction of the cost of comparable coastal locations in North America and Europe. Panama City isn’t super cheap as an international business hub, but outside the city both daily costs of living and of real estate are very low. 

3. Ease of Residency – Panama offers several residency options, including one of the best pensionado (retiree) visas in the world. You can obtain a retirement visa in Panama by showing as little as $1,000 a month income from a pension, government or private. In addition, Panama’s Friendly Nations visa program is easy and low-cost and can mean a work permit.

4. Ease of Access – With many daily flights to the United States and Europe, Panama is easy to get to and from if you want to travel home regularly to visit the grand kids and other family. Plus, Panama offers easy regional travel for vacations and sightseeing. 

5. Ease of Transition – Panama can be called a “halfway house” for expats. Thanks to the country’s standard of infrastructure (the best in Central America); Panama City, the most developed city by far in the region, with its U.S.-style malls, shopping, and restaurants; and large English-speaking population, moving to Panama doesn’t come with the same level of culture shock as moving to other countries can mean. 

6. Language – Part of the ease of transition in Panama is that a high percentage of Panamanians speak English. Add to that the large international community, both in Panama City and other areas of the country, and you don’t have an immediate need to learn much Spanish when you move to Panama. 

7. Health Care – Panama has some of the best hospitals in the region. Johns Hopkins-affiliated and -managed Hospital Punta Pacifica gets most of the attention, but most all Panama City hospitals have state-of-the-art equipment, as do many of the regional hospitals in the interior of the country. Medical tourism is a booming business in this country, thanks to the quality of service and the excellent costs. 

8. Diversity – Panama offers diversity of lifestyle, with attractive beach, mountain, and city (including Panama City) options. 

9. Recreation – Panama has some of the best fishing and bird watching in the world. The best sport fishing on the entire Pacific coast of the Americas is said to be in and around Coiba National Marine Park, which is just a two-hour boat ride from Los Islotes. Panama is home to more species of birds than neighboring Costa Rica, and bird-watching tourism is expanding. And, because it’s out of the hurricane zone, Panama is a perfect place for owning a boat year-round. 

10. Taxes – Panama is a tax haven, meaning retirees have little to no income tax exposure in this country

Evie Brooks is an international real estate investor with more than 23 years’ experience, a former Real Estate Investor Educator with the Rich Dad Poor Dad organization and a mentor advisor for professionals who want to learn the art of real estate investing.

Lief Simon has lived and worked in seven countries on five continents and has personally bought and sold property in 23 countries. He has managed multi-million-dollar developments, multi-million-dollar property portfolios and more than two-dozen rental properties. He is currently the editor of the Offshore Living Letter and Simon Letter, both publications of Live and Invest Overseas.