“Wishful Drinking”



Theatre Highly Recommended I have had a “thing” ( like many people of my age group) for Carrie Fisher ever since she took on the role of Princess Leia in “Star Wars”. While this may have been a turning point in her career, what we learn of her life in her one woman “biography”, “Wishful Drinking” is how she has been able to make it through her bi-polarism, mental deficiencies and drug and booze addictions to be able to tell her story in a way that shows one can overcome the obstacles and continue forward. This two plus hour show is hysterical.


When entering the theater, most of us wondered how it could possibly take almost 2 1/2 hours to tell her story- well it did and for the majority of the evening, we were is stitches. This is a fun-filled evening filled with information about her family life and her problems and what she is all about and at no time did I see anyone looking at their watches. I know that many people have seen her in movies ( other than her famous Leia) but as good as she is as an actor, she is an extraordinary writer and her sense of timing on stage in this production is outstanding. She plays to and with the audience as she tells the story of how she became who she is.

There are some moments that will also serve as a history lesson for younger theater audiences as she describes the relationship between her famous parents, Eddie Fisher and Debby Reynolds, a dream couple who’s because of their lifestyles and their relationships became more of a nightmare couple ( at least in the mind of Ms.Fisher). In this sequence, she reviews who married who and how each relationship disintegrated including her own with singer/songwriter Paul Simon- what a roller coaster ride her growing up into adulthood was. It is understandable as to why someone in her position would reach for  drugs and alcohol and become a little “crazy”. Yes, she is bi-polar! She admits it, but still she is able to focus on putting her thoughts into her books. Books, which have become best sellers and movie scripts- award winning work.


She may have had a roller coaster ride, but with her solid determination, she has in reality become a new icon ( other that Princess Leia). An icon for those who are also living with mental situations such as hers. They can look at what she has done with her life and how she has overcome the life that brought her to the “other side”. Being a spokesperson for Jenny Craig,  a symbol for those who need to lose weight, is wonderful , but of greater importance  is her showing people that she has taken her life in hand and out of the tumultuous past and history, has brought a new light to the future. Ms. Fisher has a great amount of warmth and fragility as she brings this one woman show to The Bank Of America Theatre located at 18 West Monroe Street, through October 16th. The audience sees that she is real and cares about delivering her message in an honest, yet comical way and they love her as much as she loves them. If anyone has some fears and doubts about their lives or someone they love, this just may be a great investment in their future. You might be amazed of the feelings you will walk out of the theater having.

Fisher The performances are as follows:

Sunday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. Matinees are Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Tickets range from $25-$65 ( a lot less than therapy and perhaps a better result) and can be purchased at any of the Broadway In Chicago box offices inclusing the Bank Of America Theatre located at 18 West Monroes, by phone at  800-775-2000; at all Ticketmaster locations and online at www.BroadwayInChicago.com