Anna Klocek – dark horse in the race in 45th Ward


Klocek Anna ran 4 years ago to challenge Pat Levar and never-ending corruption and mismanagement in the city. This time her focus will be on changing the business climate in our ward. This will enable us to attract entrepreneurs to the 45th ward. New businesses mean new jobs.
Anna is bold while answering the voters’ questions – she has a realistic approach to city and ward problems and wants to involve residents in decision making. “The next four years are not going to be easy, but we can survive through tough times if we all take part in finding solutions”. 
Anna herself is an immigrant from socialist Poland. She has lived through food rationing, empty stores, and daily survival in cold, rundown government-run housing. Anna is ready to lead in difficult times.

The quality of our schools affects not only the future of our community, but also real estate values. Good schools attract families with children and those who care about sound investment in our community.
 The new Math and Science Academy in the heart of Jefferson Park is Anna’s vision for revitalizing Milwaukee/Lawrence area. The middle/high school would serve local communities.” Our children are behind in math and science compared to other countries. This school will provide children with skills necessary to compete in a global economy.”
 Anna is an avid recycler. In addition to recycling her campaign signs from 4 years ago, Anna transplanted a bush no longer wanted by a neighbor to the community  garden in front of Forest Glen Metra station. She did this in 100 degree summer heat. Then watered the bush for weeks.

Voting Anna will demand that 45th Ward be included in Chicago’s recycling program.
Klocek is running low-budget, grass roots campaign, hoping that billboards and mailers sent by “machine” backed Marina will not fool the voters of 45th.  “The voters in our ward are intelligent. They won’t allow themselves to be manipulated or deceived”. Our votes are not for sale.
Vote Anna on February 22nd.