Art Show at Doylestown Shrine


Marie Hejnosz, president of PHSP, conducted the awards  ceremony and introduced the following winners:

First Prize: Jas Szygiel “Farm on Randt’s Mill Pond”

Second Prize: Nina Hons “Magic Tree”

Third Prize: Justin Jedrzejczyk “Cobre Gris”

Fourth Prize (Emilia Piasecka Prize):  Eugene Maziarz “Duke’s  Farm”

Fifth Prize: Zygmunt Sawosko “Free Time”

A special prize was funded by the Polski Uniwersytet  Ludowy (Polish Peoples University – PUL) in Philadelphia and awarded to Grzegorz Worwa by Janusz  Romanski PUL president.

Honorable mention was awarded to three  individuals: Claire Bergen “Bucket of Pansies”; Frank Jedrzejczyk “ Old Smokey”; and Halina Nawrot “Toward Light”

The second and third prizes were sponsored by the ACPC and were presented by ACPC president and Honorary Consul of Poland for South Eastern Pennsylvania, Deborah M. Majka. Judging was conducted by Ryszard Druch, the owner of an art gallery in Trenton, NJ.

Guests at the reception enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and wine as they chatted with the artists and admired the display. The exhibit was open during the days of the Shrine Festival – Labor Day holiday and the following weekend.


More information on the exhibit can be seen on:

Photographs (Photo credits: Andrzej Pustelniak)


(from left) Marie Hejnosz, Jas Szygiel with painting “Farm on Randt’s Mill Pond” (on right)

Second Prize winner Nina Hons and Marie Hejnosz

Third Prize Winner Justyn Jedrzejczyk, Marie Hejnosz. Debbie Majka

Guests at the reception