Artist’s Insightful New Work Inspired by Mentally Challenged Brother

Galeria Postcard

Galeria PostcardA figurative tradition. Bachorski-Bowman’s work has always been based in the figurative tradition.  “Anatomical integrity is an essential element in the portraits I create,” she said.  “It is through the exploration of the physical likeness, that I convey the personality and spirit of the individual subject.  My new work, utilizes raw, textured surfaces to depict the emotion as the portrait.  The pieces are broken, and incomplete by design. The suspended figures can’t stand on their own. Finally, the pieces are coated with encaustic, sealing them, and maintaining unspoken emotion.”

About the artist:

Detroit native Bachorski-Bowman’s career began as a teacher of figurative sculpture at Wayne State University and lead to a career At Henry Ford Hospital as a Medical Sculptor, designing and creating prostheses for cancer patients and trauma victims.  Later, at Ford Motor Company, she worked as an automotive Chief Designer, before leaving to focus full-time on her art.

For more information, contact:

Evelyn Bachorski-Bowman

1914 South Hill Road

Milford, MI 48381