“Bicentennial of the University of Warsaw” – Exhibit in Chicago’s Thompson Center

On 19 November 1816, Emperor of Russia and King of Poland Alexander I signed the Royal University of Warsaw Foundation Act, with the University officially launched one and a half years later, on 14 May 1818. Therefore, throughout 2016 the University of Warsaw celebrates the 200th anniversary of its inception.
On 19 February 2014, the University of Warsaw’s Senate passed a special resolution on the forthcoming 200th anniversary of UW. “The University of Warsaw is the leader among Poland’s universities. We want and are able to lead among universities in Europe, to play an active part in the international academic and research community. Our ambition is to further consolidate our standing, attract the smartest students and create a forum for international dialogue,” reads the resolution.
Chicago’s large Polish American community has many University of Warsaw alumni, many of whom continue to contribute to Chicago’s vibrant academic, business and cultural life.
The exhibit can be viewed in the Atrium of the James R. Thompson Center through Friday, June 10.
This Exhibit is organized and sponsored by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago and the Warsaw Committee of the Chicago Sisters Cities International.


Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago
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