Couple spends Valentine’s Day with sharks in Paris


On February 14, 2015, French company ApoteoSurprise, specialized in planning extravagant marriage proposals in Paris, will allow men from all over the World to express their love with sharks a few steps away from the Eiffel Tower.

ApoteoSurprise, a romance expert specialized in planning spectacular marriage proposals in Paris, will launch, on Valentine’s Day 2015, a brand new proposal package named « Say I love you with a scuba diver ».

From February 14, 2015, every day, for 1,990 euro, it will be possible, for a man in love, to propose his girlfriend thanks to the new proposal experience imagined by ApoteoSurprise.

While the couple of the day will visit the Aquarium de Paris, a scuba diver will suddenly appear in the shark tank just when the couple will pass the tank. The frogman will come close to the window to stop in front of the couple, and he will raise a banner to put it against the giant glass. On the banner, the lady will then see, amazed, the message of love of her man. By a round of applause, roses and champagne will be offered to the lady, and a VIP dinner-cruise on Seine river will host the loving couple for the rest of the evening.

About ApoteoSurprise:

Based near Disneyland Paris, ApoteoSurprise is a French event planner specialized in setting up elaborate marriage proposals in the city of love. The company was Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Nicolas Garreau with the unusual mission to help men, in Paris for a romantic getaway, to amaze their loved one in both an original and memorable way. On its website, the Parisian romance expert offers 30 all-inclusive proposal packages including Cinderella’s carriage appearing at Place Vendôme with a magical glass slipper, a messenger dove delivering a love letter to the lady’s hotel room, a limousine tour with a personalized message appearing on a giant LED screen at the Eiffel Tower, a shower of 1000 red roses fully covering a yacht during a VIP dinner-cruise on Seine river, or even a private aerial patrol drawing a white smoke heart in the Parisian sky. Prices of the romantic experiences created by ApoteoSurprise range from 290 to 19,900 euro, and in 9 years, more than 1400 lovers, coming from all over the World, called on the expertise of the proposal planner to express their love in Paris in a spectacular way.

The French agency won renown in particular for the first-ever marriage proposal planned in space on February 14, 2013.,