Cubs to U.S. Cellular in 2013?



Cubs Cubs dismiss the suggestion that the North Side team’s fans could end up watching home games at U.S. Cellular Field if Wrigley Field is gut-rehabbed in the 2013 season.


The possibility was raised Monday in an NBC 5 article, which says rumors indicate the Cubs are looking at contingencies if Wrigley gets an extensive makeover.


The Cubs’ owners, the Ricketts family, have tried to float a public-private partnership to help pay for a significant overhaul of the historic ballpark in Lakeview, so far to no avail.


One idea, though, is send fans to the lion’s den of the White Sox, the Cubs’ crosstown rivals, if Wrigley is gutted, NBC 5 reported.


“You are putting the cart before the horse. There is no done deal,” the station reported, citing a source it didn’t name.


But sources at “The Cell” reportedly are hearing there may be a busier-than-usual season in 2013.


Bleacher Report

Photo: Jacek Urbańczyk/Polish News