Figures Don’t Lie, But….




Let’s first mention Obamacare, as Michele Malkin calls it. Mr. O told us that he would not sign a health „reform” bill unless it is „deficit neutral”. Let’s look at how the latest versions of this bill address this requirement:

     The Congressional Budget Office projects that in the first ten years there will be a surplus of about $130 million dollars over income against expenditures (in the proposed Senate bill). But on a closer look, we see that the income (taxes, fees and penalties) start right up front in the first years. But expenditures for health care do not start until the last five or six years. In other words, we have 10 full years of income, but only 5 years of spending. When you look at the second 10-year projection you see an over one trillion dollar deficit! And so on into the future. Talk about phony accounting!

    – In some cases, items are simply mandated with no funding. A cheap trick to hide the omission until later.

    – Some items have simply been shifted to other programs that are not covered by this bill.

     – In other cases (primarily Medicare), the „savings” are simply increased funding transferred to the states. And the states, who do not have the printing presses to print dollars, will have to be bailed out by the federal government.

     Now, let’s take another look at Cap and Tax. As I said before, this is the big one that dwarfs Obamacare.

     As I pointed out before, the accounting trick of omitting the effect of water vapor in the mix of „greenhouse gases” puzzled me. Especially that water vapor contributes the vast majority of the total greenhouse effect (95%). But it is not a „man-made” gas, almost completely natural.

     Things become clearer when you dig a little deeper on the motives behind the international Cap and Tax process.

     A recent piece covering upcoming demonstrations planned for the Copenhagen Climate Treaty meeting was reported. A large and influential group is planning to protest energy production by the industrialized nations (Western Europe and the US). Specifically, they want to see energy levels of „coal, oil, gas, nuclear and hydroelectric power” greatly lowered in those countries. Now we must ask what does nuclear and hydroelectric power production have to do with climate change? There are no greenhouse gasses produced, no carbon, nothing but clean energy. And we also see that the protests are asking for „far more” financial contributions to undeveloped countries to promote „green economies”. Now, these protesters are not part of official policies of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), but it does reveal the thinking behind this movement.

     Officially, there is an already set up tax and enforcement regime to collect and enforce collection of these taxes and penalties. The Conference of the Parties (COP) (more UN alphabet soup) has the ultimate enforcement authority here. This goes right past any national legal systems and any national constitutional requirements. This is the ultimate one-world government in action. The trial courts are UN run. As an example, the US and other first tier industrial economies will be required to „contribute” $800 million dollars to third world economies over 5 years with additional funding requirements „as assessed”. And COP will have the ultimate authority to tax and regulate anything that produces CO2. I guess that that would include breathing also. But CO2 control is the „lever” that makes this whole scheme work.

     The best that I can make out of the final aims of the IPCC is to „level” the playing fields for the world economy. This was quietly mentioned at the beginning of this movement, but it was replaced by the more effective strategy of using worldwide panic with the phony CO2 issue as the means to an end.

     There are two ways to „level” the playing field. One is to help those in the bottom up and the other is to bring those on the top down. The second is easier. Here we have forced income redistribution on a worldwide scale.

     And I might also add that recent E-mail mining on the Climate Research Unit (CRU) reveals the intense UN effort to silence any dissent from this monstrosity of a global power grab. An increasing number of scientists and economists along with constitutional law scholars are trying to voice their concerns. But their dissent is being buried. And the fact that there is an ongoing world cooling (since 1998) going on now.

     There is one glimmer of encouragement in this frightening scenario . . . China. As President Obama just found out (if he understands it), there is no way that China is going to sign on to this travesty. They will make a good show, however. Wouldn’t it be strange for the world to be rescued by a communist/capitalist country? And who is the largest emitter of CO2 on the planet now? You guessed it, China.

     The production and consumption of energy is a defining indicator of a country’s overall prosperity. And also note that the ultimate reduction in the proposed carbon limits to the US would reduce the energy per capita to the levels of the 1890s. This is progress?

     But is anybody listening? 
Richard N. Baldwin T., a ( contributing columnist, lives in
Tlalnepantla, Edo de México. E-mail at: [email protected]