„How can Orchard Lake better serve Polonia and Poland?”

The new Chancellor of the Orchard Lake Schools:

  1. Cyril and Methodius Seminary, St. Mary’s Prep 
    and Polish Mission
  2. Rev. Canon Miroslaw Krol

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Orchard Lake Polish Pride Home Coming

Holy Mass
Discussion Open to Public

How can Orchard Lake better serve Polonia, Poland and Poles?

What can Orchard Lake do to strengthen American Polonia and our Catholic values?
Saturday, October 28th, 2017, 12:00 Noon

Shrine of St. John Paul II at Orchard Lake
3535 Commerce Rd. Orchard Lake, MI 48324
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Schools Founded in Detroit Michigan in 1885

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Polish Americans for Orchard Lake Schools
  The Seminary was founded over 130 years ago by Father Jozef Dabrowski, who received this mission from Father Leopold Moczygemba, OFM Conv., the Patriarch of the Polish American Community.  During the Seminary’s rich history, it has made an outstanding contribution to the Polish American and broader Catholic faith community, educating thousands of priests and educators. Thanks to Father Dabrowski’s exceptional wisdom, clarity of mission, testament, and example, the Orchard Lake Seminary and related institutions have been uniquely and generously financed by the Polish American community throughout their long and illustrious history. 

Thanks to donations and financial support from the 10,000,000-strong Polish American community, Orchard Lake contains the largest Polish American archives in the United States, documenting the rich history of Polish diaspora and its contributions to the United 
States.  Polish Americans funded the Library and donated volumes of unique historical books and publications, some dating back to 1600.  Such a collection is of unique importance: most historical libraries and archives in Poland were destroyed during the cataclysms of the Second World War.  Therefore, many unique historical artifacts have survived exclusively in the archive at Orchard Lake.