How to Prevent and Reduce Under Eyes Wrinkles


I have a few guaranteed tips how to combat those wrinkles.

1) Water is extremely good for your skin. It helps to keep your hydrated and flushes out toxins from your body. It helps to increase the elasticity of your skin and therapy making it less prone to wrinkles.

 2) Avoid exposing your skin as far as possible, if you must; then use a good sunscreen lotion or crème to protect your skin from dehydration and tanning.

 3) Antioxidant, nutrition’s will help you tremendously, because they have a direct affect on your health. Did you also know that in addition to eating these particular foods, many of them can be applied topically, and this will allow them to be absorbed directly through the skin right at the target site.

The antioxidant on the market for skin protection includes vitamin A, E, C selenium, coenzyme Q10, and alpha-lipidic acid. Start getting this nutrition’s working from the INSIDE OUT and the OUTSIDE IN.

 4) One of my favorite is VITAMIN C is your best, and natural ingredients in the

struggle against wrinkles. This vitamin is responsible for building and preserving collagen, which is the connective tissue that allows for smooth, supply beautiful looking skin.

 5) Inexpensive under eyes mask. You can get them in any drugstore. Try using one

That has strawberry, or pineapple, that assists with the building of collagen and toning your skin. Make sure you don’t apply it to close to your eyes, and I recommend use it 2 times a week.

 6) Don’t rub, or remove roughly. Rubbing your eyes is sometimes a habit, especially when you are tired, or when removing eye make up.

 7) Apply an eye cream with light pats, but don’t stretch the skin. Apply them carefully starting at the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corner of the eye.

Here is my recommendation Eye Creams over the counter:

– Neutrogena Visibility Firm Eye Cream-$20.99

– Nivea Visage Coenzyme Q10 plus Wrinkle Control Eye cream with SPF 14- $11.15,

– Olay Age Defying Revitalizing Eye Gel- $9.49,

– Olay Definity Eye Iluminator- $23.69

– Aveeno Positively Radiant Eye Brightening Cream- $24.45,

– Estee Lauder Future Perfect- $34.99,

– Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream- $19,

 Here is Professional Eye Creams, just more expensive and intense:

– Bota Peptides serums from G.M Collin- $45

– NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream- $29.78,

– Cellex-C Eye Contour Cream Plus- $53,

– Green Tea Botanicals Eye Repair Cream- $38,

– SkinCeuticals Eye Balm- $58.99,

Reading and Product Recommendation:


– Book- The Beauty Prescription by M.D Debra Luftman

Agnes Kulik

Professional Licensed Esthetician. Expert for all skin care type and every day regime to have your skin healthy and glowing.