Illinois Crisis Prevention Network selected by DHS to manage statewide network

The goal of the Illinois Crisis Prevention Network is to utilize multi-faceted teams of highly-trained professionals to work with families, guardians and/or provider staff in assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities to remain in the community during periods of crisis. Such individuals, both children and adults, may be experiencing behavior challenges, episodes of mental illness, major life crises or significant medical issues. Upon referral by DHS, ICPN provides timely team response to provide support and consultation for those individuals in crisis, their families and/or their care providers.  Service Teams may include behavior analysts, Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals, psychologists, clinical professional counselors, clinical social workers, registered nurses and medical and psychiatric consultants.  The teams are staffed by Hope and Trinity, two of the most respected names in the field of human services in Illinois.

“We believe this increase in responsibility is an affirmation of the success of our efforts in northern Illinois,” said Art Dykstra, President and CEO of Trinity Services.  “We have an excellent partnership with The Hope Institute and are prepared to meet the challenge of providing services statewide.”

“We are gratified that DHS has selected our partnership to provide these critical services across our state,” said Clint W. Paul, CPA, Interim President and CEO of The Hope Institute.  “With the increased emphasis on community-based care, it is important that we do everything we can to support individuals during times of crisis.  Since the creation of the ICPN, we have demonstrated our ability to successfully intervene to help stabilize and preserve opportunities for community living.”


For over 60 years Trinity Services has been helping people with disabilities live full and abundant lives. Guided by its philosophy of servant leadership, the notion of placing the needs of others before your own, Trinity strives to be a role model, leading by example in the area of social responsibility.


Founded in 1957, The Hope Institute for Children and Families is a nonprofit center providing educational, residential and health services to children and adults with multiple developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The Hope Institute creates hopeful futures for our society’s most vulnerable individuals by supporting adults, youth and families to reach optimum growth, independence and joy.