Jewish Singles: The Matzo Ball’s in Your Court This Christmas Eve!

Just call Andy Rudnick “Jewish Santa Claus” or patron saint of Jewish hookups on Christmas Eve. The exploding trend of select nightclubs remaining open Christmas Eve for the millennial party set? The concept was invented by Rudnick, who way back in 1987 when he was a bored Jewish college student on Christmas Eve, convinced a Boston University bar to remain open December 24th. Rudnick packed the venue with young Jewish singles, meeting his own wife that night, to boot, and the rest is history!

31 years later Matzo Ball parties are held in the trendiest nightclub venues in cities across the U.S. every Christmas Eve, packed with wall-to-wall beautiful people who are dressed to the nines in hopes of finding a nice Jewish girl or guy. But make no mistake, debauchery and glamour is the order of the night at these annual events, and as one recent attendee puts it, “It ain’t temple. People attend a Matzo Ball to party.”

Andy Rudnick’s take on his now iconic Jewish Christmas Eve tradition, “We’re in the business of making Jewish babies.”

From The Ball to Christmas Eve Jewbilee for the LGBT Jewish community, there have been plenty of copycats spawned from Rudnick’s blueprint of creating glitzy Jewish matchmaking events on Christmas Eve, but with nine parties scheduled for December 24, 2017, Rudnick’s Matzo Ball remains the Grand Poobah of these events.

Matzo Ball Parties This December 24th in 9 Cities:

 New York City, Capitale  

Miami, Story  

Ft. Lauderdale, The Vibe-Las Olas    

Delray Beach, Il Baccio         

Philadelphia, Rumor  

Boston, Royale                       

Dallas, Stirr    

Los Angeles, TBA      

Washington, DC, Decades    

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