“Mazowsze” on TV, Channel Eleven



 Let’s get a big audience watching, to show WTTW-11 that we Polish-Americans will tune in to support our culture and heritage.


WTTW has been making a special effort to broadcast shows that are important to Polish-Americans, “Mazowsze” is just the most recent installment.  In just the last year, WTTW has presented three important shows: “Young John Paul,” “WWII Behind Closed Doors,” and “Battle for Warsaw.”  These shows were broadcast in prime-time to an American, English speaking audience.  This is our best hope for teaching Americans the truth about our history and the depth our culture.


The “Mazowsze” dance troupe will be coming to Chicago for live performances in November.  Tickets to these performances are available through WTTW, and can be purchased by calling in during the show; Polish speaking volunteers will be available to take orders.  When you purchase your tickets this way, everyone wins: Mazowsze makes a sale, you get tickets, and WTTW feels your support.


Many different Polish-American organizations are contributing to this event, see the list below.  For more information about the recent programs that presented Polish topics to an English speaking audience, see the paragraphs below.


Alexander Danel


Recent broadcasts on WTTW Channel Eleven Chicago


Young John Paul II  – Witness to Evil l


Interviews and dramatic presentation of the events that convinced Karol Wojtyla that good can triumph over evil, and that he should dedicate his life to serving God and church.




Battle for Warsaw

This 1985 British documentary retells the harrowing story of the Polish uprising against the Germans in World War II. Bringing together old film clips and new interviews with those who lived through the events, Battle for Warsaw traces the struggle from the beginning through the Poles’ eventual defeat and the destruction of Warsaw.



WWII Behind Closed Doors – Stalin, the Nazis, and the West


This program reveals Stalin’s treachery and the West’s betrayal.  It proves, in detail, the events at Katyn, and shows the written order of execution, with Stalin’s signature on it.  Furthermore, the film provides compelling evidence that Stalin approved a policy allowing Soviet soldiers to violate the citizenry.


The complete guide to the series is at:




Organizations contributing volunteers to staff the phones:


Advocate Society

Chicago Intercollegiate Council

Chicago Society

GMA Records

Legion of Young Polish Women

News Media for Polonia

PACBA Pol-Am Contract Builders Assoc

PWAA Polish Women’s Alliance

Paderewski Orchestra

PAA Polish American Association

Polish American Teachers Assoc

Polish Arts Club

Polish Educators in America

Polish Highlanders (youth)

Polish Highlanders Alliance in America

Polish National Alliance (PNA)

Polish Women in Business

Saint Ferdinand Church/Pol Am Police Assoc

Sokol Motorcycle Club

WWII Pol Army Historical Assoc

The “Mazowsze” dance troupe will be presented on WTTW Channel Eleven; the show is this Wednesday, March 10, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm.