allows users to view photo’s from any location in the

world . The Portal provides a service for people who have a very real

need to view a location before they visit. People want to see what places

they have read or heard about from the viewpoint of the people in that

location. This is the space that occupies.


With increased functionality, the Portal hopes to help local cities and

local business to show of were they are and what services they can offer

to potential tourist .


Based out of Poland Central has meant that has had to

overcome many obstacles that it would not have faced if it were based in

Silicon Valley in relation to funding and exposure.


CEO Lukasz explaining success stated “ We provide a

unique user experience and that has led to our phenomanal growth.” The

portal has witnessed significant growth in the first 3 months with its

picture count having exceeded 300 000.


Placeknow aims with its new design to combine pictures to locations in

order to produce an informative and entertaining pictoral atlas of the

World created by people from around the World.


Come and see the world with