Polish American Congress Announces Consolidation of Operations

“This consolidation,” Mr. Spula said, “comes after careful consideration by the Executive Committee of how the affairs of our national organization can best be managed in an era of technological efficiencies, rising costs, decreased revenues, and increased demands from membership.”


 “In common with many non-profits,” said Mr. Spula, “we are adjusting to a changing economic and technological landscape that poses new challenges, but also offers new opportunities to continue carrying out our mission.”

 Founded in 1944, the Polish American Congress is the umbrella association uniting leading national and local organizations and thousands of individuals in advancing organized Polish American political and cultural life in the United States and working to strengthen the United States-Poland relationship.


“This consolidation reflects both a streamlining of our administrative operations and greater emphasis on our mission to carry the Polish American message to decision-makers in Washington,” President Spula explained. “Thanks to the communications revolution, we are able today to communicate with our leadership, membership, and community more quickly and often via e-mail, teleconferencing, and the world-wide web regardless of where we may live, which allows for both better connectedness and efficiencies in administration,” Mr. Spula noted.


The consolidation involves suspension of the part-time administrative operations of the Chicago Office and relocation of the PAC National Office in Washington to more efficient quarters, Suite 1200, at its long-standing K Street address.


Effective immediately, contacts with the Polish American Congress should be directed to:


Polish American Congress

National Office

1612 K Street, NW, Suite 1200

Washington, DC 20006-2802

Tel: 202-296-6955

Fax: 202-835-1565

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.pac1944.org