PAC-Ilinois Division has a New Office

Pictured from L-R: Dr. Willie Wilson; Frank J. Spula; Michael Niedzinski; David Shestokas; Maria Pappas and member of PAC.

Last Saturday, June 11, 2022, the opening ceremony of a newly purchased building was held. The building is attached to the main office of the Polish American Congress, State of Illinois Division, at 6021 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago IL 60634.

The grand opening of the building began with Treasurer of Cook County, Maria Pappas, cutting a traditional ribbon in front of the entrance to the office. Mrs. Pappas was accompanied by Frank J. Spula, President of PNA and PAC National, Michael Niedzinski, President of PAC for the state of IL, Dr. Willie Wilson and David Shestokas.

The opening was also attended by members of PAC-IL and representatives of Polish diaspora organizations, as well as the media.

Pictured from L-R: David Shestokas; Casy Chlebek; Gilbert Villegas; Noland Rivera; Carmen Navarro Gercone; Kari Steele; Frank J Spula; Michael Niedzinski; Maria Pappas; Dr. Willie Wilson.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the guests were invited inside and greeted with an old Polish custom – bread and salt, and Father Fr. Peter Gnoinski from St. Ferdinand Church blessed the room, then the president of the organization Michael Niedzinski welcomed the gathered guests and thanked all those who helped in the renovation of the PAC-IL headquarters.

Michael Niedzinski, Fr. Peter Gnoinski and Walter Bochenek.

The first to congratulate the organization on the purchase of the new headquarters and wish further success, was Frank J Spula. Congratulations were also passed on by Dr. Marek Rudnicki from the Polish American Medical Society, Walter Bochenek and others.

On the podium Frank J Spula.

Dr Marek Rudnicki.

Walter Bochenek with Michael Niedzinski.

After congratulatory speeches, the floor was given to various candidates in the running for government positions in the June 28, 2022 primary in Illinois. The candidates who introduced themselves to the gathered guests were, among others:

Maria Pappas- Treasurer of Cook County
Kari K. Steele- Commissioner at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago(MWRD).
Carmen Navarro Gercone – running for Cook County Sheriff
Casey Chlebek -for U.S. Senate
Gilbert Villegas- for  U.S. House to represent Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District
Noland Rivera for Cook County Sheriff

Casey Chlebek is speaking.

Noland Rivera for Cook County Sheriff.

Congratulations on a fresh start. We are elated that PAC-IL will have a permanent headquarters after seventeen years.

Krystyna Hryszko with her husband Jerzy, who was awarded                                 by the PAC-IL.

Mrs. Irene Moskal Del Giudice, former president of PAC-IL and sister of Edward Moskal, who died in 2005, who for many years was elected president of both Polish National Alliance (PNA) and Polish American Congress (PAC) with Kazimierz Chlebek accompanying her.

The Polish American Congress – Illinois Division is one of the oldest and largest Polish diaspora organizations in the US, representing about 1,000,000 Poles and Polish-Americans in the state of IL. You can learn more about this organization on their website:

PN.- Photo: Krystyna Teller and Andrzej Brach