Norge’s annual Ski Jumping

What an absolute thrill it will be for Norge Ski Club’s long time announcer to introduce the club’s first ever Olympian during opening ceremonies at Norge’s annual Ski Jumping competition on Sunday, January 27th, 2019.

Michael Glasder, along with Casey Larson and Kevin Bickner filled three of the four slots at the Winter Olympic Games held in South Korea.

Both Larson and Bickner will be in Europe competing during the event. Glasder, however, will be stateside and will compete at Norge.

All three skiers belong to the Norge Ski Club which began in 1905, making it the oldest ski jumping club in North America. Yet never before has the club placed a member on the Olympic team.

According to spokesperson Charlie Sedivec, “to place one skier on the team would have been incredible, but to put three on the team is really a compliment to the entire Norge coaching staff.”

American athletes have their work cut out for them if they are to outjump the international field of ski jumpers from Norway, Finland and Slovenia. Norge is spending thousands of dollars in an attempt to attract some of the finest ski jumpers in the world.

There have also been several changes made to help spectators have a more pleasant experience, like ticket sales availability, more rest rooms, a larger menu at both the food court as well as the bars.

“Next year will be my golden anniversary of announcing at which time I will be passing the microphone to someone new. In these fifty years, I have had two wishes. First, to put one of our skiers on the US Olympic team. And second, to have an enormous crowd of over ten thousand in attendance at a tournament.”(- Charlie Sedivec)

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Saturday, January 26th will be our junior competition. This is a great chance to see how jumpers get started in the sport. Both Saturday and Sunday will begin with opening ceremonies at noon.