Rahm Emanuel Re-elected for Second term as Chicago Mayor


He thanked voters Tuesday night for giving him a „second term and a second chance” as he declared victory over challenger Jesus „Chuy” Garcia.

He congratulated Garcia for a good race, for being an immigrant from Mexico.

Rahm Emanuel was introduced by Susan Mendoza, the Chicago Clerk, who was also the Co-Chair of his election campaign. There were a few dozens supporters on the stage during the Victory Party, among them Senator Richard Durbin, Illinois State Secretary Jesse White and many others. Rahm Emanuel was joined on stage by his family: his wife, three children, two brothers behind him and their parents.

The political campaign for the Mayor of Chicago was very intense during last several weeks. „I want to thank you for putting me through my paces. I will be a better mayor because of that,” Emanuel told the crowd during his victory speech.

„Chicago, I hear you,” he said. „I’m proud of what we have accomplished, but I understand the challenges that we face will require me to approach them differently.”

He stated that there was time for celebration but there is a lot of work to do next day. He warned that „in an era of hard choices, I can’t promise that everyone will be pleased with every decision.”

Mayor Emanuel was very excited and grateful to his voters support. He spent a lot of time shaking hands, taking pictures, exchanging ideas with his supporters.

It is essential for the Mayor to build bridges with many voters who supported Garcia during the campaign. There are many issues that have to be resolved in coming days and weeks.

@ Andrew Mikolajczyk
Photo A. Mikolajczyk