The Paths to an Enhanced EU-LAC Partnership in the Context of the U.S.-China Rivalry

in cooperation with

The Argentine Council for Foreign Relations (Argentina),

The Getulio Vargas Foundation (Brazil),

The Mexican Council for Foreign Affairs (Mexico)

are pleased to invite to an online conference co-financed by

the EU-LAC Foundation

The Paths to an Enhanced EU-LAC Partnership in the Context of the U.S.-China Rivalry

 The conference is organized within the framework of the project “The U.S.-China Rivalry: Implications for EU-LAC Relations” elaborated by PISM in partnership with its Latin American think-tank partners CARI, COMEXI, and FGV.
The project has been awarded a co-financing grant by the EU-LAC Foundation.

 Thursday, 27 October 2021

15:00-17:00 (CEST–Poland)

08:00-10:00 (Mexico)

10:00-12:00 (Argentina and Brazil)

Event online via Zoom

Language: English (no translation)


15:00-15:10   Welcome remarks

 Sławomir Dębski, Director of PISM

  • Adrián Bonilla, Director of the EU-LAC Foundation (online)

 15:10-15:30   Keynote speech

 Representative of the European External Action Service (online, TBC)

 15:30-17:00   Panel discussion

 Topics for discussion: What is the impact of the U.S.-China competition on the EU and LAC? How can the risks of the rivalry be mitigated and advantages uncovered as it relates to the bi-regional partnership? In which specific areas can the EU and LAC enhance cooperation in the global context of the COVID-19 pandemic and other situations?

 Ambassador Ricardo Lagorio, Secretary General of CARI (online)

  • Guadalupe González Chávez, Consultant, Columnist of El Heraldo de México, Academic Professor, COMEXI associate (online)

  • Pedro Brites, Adjunct Professor at FGV (online)

  • Bartłomiej Znojek, Latin America analyst at PISM


          Chair: Patrycja Sasnal, Head of Research (PISM)

Those wishing to participate are kindly invited to join the discussion via our livestreamed YouTube channel: