Treasures on Exhibit at The Office of Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford


 Currently displayed on the walls of the Treasurer’s Office at the James R. Thompson Center is a treasured assortment of art that is on loan from The Polish Museum of America. From traditional oil paintings depicting lush landscapes to colorful, contemporary graphic art pieces, the images that are a part of this current collection come from a group of internationally recognized, talented Polish artists.


“This collection of artwork has truly transformed the space around the office and I am extremely grateful and would like to thank the generous folks at The Polish Museum of America for choosing my office at the James R. Thompson Center to exhibit this spectacular series,” said Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

 “Whether in the brush strokes from the oil paintings or the modern twist in each piece of poster art, the attention to detail is incredible and this display of work gives insight into the unique, creative process and vision of each talented artist,” said Treasurer Rutherford.

 The museum curators made a special trip to the Treasurer’s office to assess the lighting and location to ensure that the right pieces of artwork would be chosen.

 In keeping with the contemporary style of the Thompson Center building design, the museum brought bold, modern poster art to complement the progressive edge of the interior space. These prints are from the exhibition entitled, “The Arts of Association: Modern Polish Posters.”

 The curators decided on the more traditional medium of oil paints on canvas for Treasurer Rutherford’s office, and chose pieces that depict each artist’s unique perspective on landscapes and historical moments.

 The Polish Museum of America is open to the public and located at 984 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago and for more information on the museum and the exhibits that are currently on display, visit their website at or reach them by phone at (773) 384-3352.