U.S. African Chamber of Commerce Congratulates President Obama for Visiting Africa.




Mohammed also specified that Africa needs to have a representative member at the UN Security Council since it is the only continent that does not have such representation. With more than a billion people living in Africa and almost 60% of the population being 15 years of age and under, Mohammed underscored the critical importance of economic development through stronger ties with the United States and the global market. The results of a recently concluded research study commissioned by the U.S. African Chamber of Commerce show that the relationship between African Americans and African immigrants from the African continent is weak and at times competitive. In fact, the study found instances of bad experiences by the immigrants when dealing business with African Americans.

Under the Obama administration, African can benefit globally with the support of the African Union to become a “One Continent Nation.“ Also, under the Obama administration, the numbers of African students need to increase. It is important to note that presently there is a strong challenge between the United States and China to compete in Africa; thus it is imperative to forge a stronger relationship between the US and Africa.
The Issue of Aid which will never sustain the Continent of Africa must be re-examined and changed through trade and empowerment of the African emerging markets.

The United States must effectively implement the African Growth Opportunity Act and encourage more continental trade agreements. Likewise, Africa must set its economic destiny as its highest priority and keep its respective African leaders accountable to this mandate. One strategy is to encourage internal trade relations within the continent and set up a One Continent Trade Agreement with the United States. 

The USACC is the Leading Advocacy Organization for U.S. African Relations and promotes Emerging Markets.  The USACC is the umbrella organization for African Chambers of Commerce and Professional Trade and Business Associations throughout the United States and abroad

Martin Mohammed, President