Usurious capitalism and the war party in USA


Wars are great source o profits of the military-industrial complex, which was defined well by late president Dwight Eisenhower. As a result of recent wars and use and abuse of American soldiers as cannon fodder, now veterans represent a large percentage of the over two million prisoners held to a great extent in private prison in the USA.


The endless wars in the Middle East conducted for the joint benefit of Israel and the war industry resulted in the fact that now American veterans and soldiers commit suicide at the highest rate in history. Usurious capitalism allied with the war party mercilessly uses soldiers as cannon fodder. The huge cost of these wars is met by borrowing money on high interest rate by American treasury at the expense of American taxpayers, whose next generations will have to repay these debts. Of course these debts will vanish in case of breakdown in the value of the dollar.


Monetary policy of the United States and Britain is controlled by private banks, which are working for profit. The central bank in the USA it is called the Federal Reserve System it is not a federal office just like the firm Federal Express is not part of the federal government. Federal Reserve System always is under a Jewish president. Jewish bankers control the monetary policy in the USA. They do it by controlling interest rates and money supply, which is printed by the Federal Reserve System. Thus these banks can cause a crises or a boom on the stock market. Advance knowledge of each change initiated by the Federal Reserve System is reflected on the stock market and in US economy a fact, which gives the bankers a chance to profit from their advance information.

Major source of income of the bankers comes from transactions with so-called money derivatives operated by application of financial engineering which supposedly eliminates risk of losses from these transactions. These lucrative transactions reached a value ten times greater than the value of he entire world economy. Money derivatives are bets similar to short sales or bets on horse races, etc.


Bank Goldman Sachs, the main contributor to the election campaign of president Obama, was one of the main dealers, who dealt with excessive mortgage loans doomed to failure. These loan contracts were presented as very good securities to clients of Goldman Sachs, while at the same time the same bank was making very lucrative bets that the fraudulently advertised mortgage loans will fail.

Senate investigating committee under Jewish Senator Carl Levin from Michigan condemned these manipulations of bets on mortgages by the bank of Goldman Sachs as fraudulent and therefore criminal. (Senator Levin recently received campaign contributions of nearly six million dollars, including from pro-Israel sources the sum of $366.378).


Israel acts as an international agent provocateur for the war party in the USA. It is given free hand by the government of the United States to treat Palestinians as badly as the Germans treated Jews in the ghettos during the war. At the same time, under pressure of the war party western media hide from the public the fact that Israel has a large nuclear arsenal and a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East with which it tries to terrorize its Muslim neighbors and to annex the delta of Litany River from Lebanon, etc. Israel is the main beneficiary of the war on terror and solidarity with Israel gives the American war party many opportunities for war profits and incomes from usurious loans for war expenses.

Recently, on May 31, 2010 a tragic event took place on board of Turkish passenger ship, Mavi Marmara flying the Turkish flag and therefore legally a Turkish territory according to international law. It was attacked by Israeli soldiers who killed nine Turks including a nineteen year old American citizen, Frank Dogan, who was shot four times in the head and once in the chest from a distance of less than half a meter. He had with him his American passport. It was a purely gangster style murder. Of the nine Turks, five were killed by shots in the back.


Many Americans were killed by the Israelis since 1967, when 34 American sailors were killed and 171 injured. It was the most deadly attack on an American ship since WWII. The Israelis attempted to sink the ship USS Liberty, in order to claim that this war-crime was committed by the Egyptians and thereby cause American retaliation against Egypt. A survivor of the USS Liberty was put on the air by Al-Jazeera network on June 4, 2010. He testified that Israel falsified its investigation of the Liberty incident.


The Al-Jazeera broadcast was aired, after Israel, with the support of American government, had announced that: only the Israeli government will be allowed to investigate the events on the ship Mavi Marmara. This shows how the war party and the government of the USA treats the American citizens as insignificant as compared to Israeli interest, which is protected mainly by the usurious capitalism and the war party in the United States. This American policy has alienated USA even from NATO. Under the international law Turkey is the party entitled to conduct the investigation because the deadly attack was conducted against its sovereignty on the high seas. On June 2, 2010, Turkish prime minister, Recep Tavvip Erdogan, publicly attacked Israel for its barbarous action of banditry, piracy, and murder.