What is Happening Post Election 3 November 2020


Never in the 244-year history of the United States have ballots been counted AFTER the election. We worked as election judges in Chicago, Illinois, Cook County for a decade and after the polls closed, absentee ballots and provisional ballots were entered into the final counts of votes that were then hand delivered to the Board of Election headquarters.

What is happening now is that Democrat-appointed judges who are not following either the federal or state constitutions are making their own laws. This is a pattern that has been evolving over the past decade. It is why Donald J. Trump was elected President and why people showed up in mass gatherings at both his 2016 and 2020 campaign rallies.

The military industrial complex, which President Eisenhower, the former four star general who ran the military during World War II, has overstepped its rightful place and is attempting to take control of our country. This began with the two-decade long war in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. It is being supported by the media that are owned by the Silicon Valley billionaires who offshored all the American jobs to China, Mexico, and elsewhere in order to increase their profits and pad their portfolios. These same billionaires have bankrolled the Democratic Party, which has become increasingly more communist and socialist in nature, vowing to end capitalism and private property rights along with abolishing both the police and the justice system.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry has joined the military industrial complex, the Silicon Valley billionaires, the media, and the Democratic Party because for the first time in half a century someone stood up to their monopoly of charging Americans more for the same drugs that are sold at lower prices globally. Finally, the medical and hospital complex has also combined efforts because Donald Trump by executive order instituted price transparency. Physicians and medical expenses were one of the only expenses that no one knew what were the “real costs.” 1 January 2021 this ends.

The reason why the Democratic Party leadership were so up in arms over the U.S. Senate confirmation hearing of now Supreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barrett is that eventually, the U.S. Supreme Court will have to intervene with the various states that have been counting ballots after the election allowing the harvesting of ballots favorable to the Democratic candidates. This, just as in the 2000 Busch vs. Gore U.S. Supreme Court case will result in only a just solution.

Doesn’t it seem strange that election boards can keep counting ballots until their Democratic candidate has enough votes to win? It’s not only illegal it’s corrupt. And that is why Donald Trump will eventually be victorious. If not, then the future of America is dim. When a presidential candidate of the Democratic Party who is obviously been purchased by the Chinese Communist Party, then there are some serious issues with the integrity of the American government.

Robert John Zagar PhD MPH and Agata Karolina Zagar MBA 

Robert is a Northwestern University alumnus, economist, professor, psychologist, researcher, and statistician. His work saved 6404 lives and billions for the city of Chicago and Cook County in diverting 147,000 high risk youth from violence with jobs, mentors and anger management training since 2008 through today in the summer programs and release of nonviolent offenders allowing Preckwinkle to roll back the sales tax and Obama to free 6800 federal prisoners through commutation and pardon and the US Supreme Court to order resentencing of juveniles with life sentences and no parole to be resentenced. Trump reformed the justice system after reading Robert’s research. Robert’s 2019 paper is drawing interest from the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Special Forces, Justice and Defense Departments. Robert’s dad was one of the original U.S. Navy Seals, serving behind enemy lines during WWII in the Sino American Cooperative Organization in China from 1943 to 1945S. His mother was a U.S. Navy Wave. Robert’s wife, Agata is an actress, banker, businesswoman, teacher, and triplet. Together Robert and Agata founded a nonprofit charity, the Society of the Friends of Radgoszcz, helping Malopolska. The Zagars live in Edgewater and are members of Holy Name Cathedral Parish.