What: World Music Wednesdays

When: Every Wednesday from 8:30 to 10:30 PM (Except 8/11/10 at 9:30 PM)

Where: The Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

Contact: Call (773) 728-6000 or visit

Admission: FREE (suggested donation of $5 except for ticketed concerts on 7/21, 7/28, 9/4, 9/12)







P’indékuecha is a musical group of the indigenous P’urhépecha people of the western Mexican state of Michoacán. First formed in 1999, P’indékuecha, or  „Customs” in the language of the P’urhépecha, perform the native genres of abajeño, son and pirekua using violin, guitar, bass and vocals. They were quickly recognized as cultural ambassadors for the state of Michoacán and have performed extensively throughout Mexico and the U.S. as well as in Madrid and Havana. They are returning to Chicago thanks to La Casa Michoacán.


The artists will give a music workshop as part of the Thursday Workshop Series on 6/24/10






Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingo is one of Australia’s most successful indigenous musicians. The Northern Australian native, blind from birth, is a member of the Gumatj clan on Elcho Island. After performing for years in various aboriginal groups, he launched a solo career which has brought him unprecedented success at home and abroad. His album Gurrumul went double platinum in Australia and earned two Aria Awards prompting the Sydney Morning Herald to call Gurrumul „the greatest voice this continent has ever recorded”. Join us for a rare appearance in his first U.S. tour.



Leonard Jacome y sus Cuerdas Bajo Presion


Leonard Jacome, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer and producer, is one of Venezuela’s most prolific and accomplished harpists. He has numerous awards representing Venezuela abroad and has toured and performed throughout Latin America, Europe and Japan. He will be performing Joropo and other traditional Venezuelan styles with his cuartet featuring harp, Venezuelan cuatro, bass, clarinet and maracas, vocals and dancers. This concert is part of the Venezuelan Sounds concert series and is sponsored by the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Chevron Corporation.


The artists will give a workshop as part of the Thursday Workshop Series on 7/8/10



Boy Thai Band


Boy Thai Band is a group that has pioneered the fusion of the traditional and modern in contemporary Thai music. First formed in 1995, the band incorporates the Ranat or Thai xylophone, flute, and Thai percussion with the western style drums, guitar, bass and percussion of modern bands. The Thai Boy Band has revolutionized traditional Thai music and made it appealing and accessible to the younger generation. This performance is sponsored by The Royal Thai Consulate-General Chicago.


The Boy Thai Band will give a music workshop as part of the Thursday Workshop Series on 7/15/10



Lisandro Meza


(paid ticketed show) $30 general public / $28 Old Town School members / $26 seniors & children Celebrate the bi-centennial of Colombian independence with one of the true icons of Colombian folkloric music. Lisandro Meza is a master accordionist and vocalist in the tradition of Vallenato Sabanero who has been performing since the 1950s. He has had numerous hits both as a member of the legendary group Los Corraleros de Majagual and as a solo artist and continues to influence Colombian popular music to this day. He will perform alongside his son, vocalist and percussionist Juan José Meza. Opening will be Chicago’s Colombian super group Grupo Cumbé and Tierra Colombiana Dance Company. This event is sponsored in part by the International Latino Cultural Center


Hernan Caraballo will give a Colombian accordion workshop as part of the Thursday Workshop Series on 7/22/10



Natacha Atlas


(paid ticketed show) $20 general public / $18 Old Town School members / $16 seniors & children Natacha Atlas is one of the most celebrated female vocalists in the international music scene. Natacha, grew up in a Moroccan community in Brussels of mixed Middle Eastern and English heritage. She first rose to fame fusing electronic beats with North African and Arabic music along side Jah Wobble and the Transglobal Underground and then catapulted to fame as a solo artist taking her extraordinary voice across an array of musical genres to the present day where she continues to break new ground seamlessly bridging the Arabic and western musical worlds.



Juan Rivera & Los Pichardo with special guest Felipe Robles: Música de Tierra Caliente 8/4/10 Los Pichardo are a Mexican family group led by Victor Pichardo, a long time instructor at The Old Town School of Folk Music and musical director of the Grammy-nominated Sones de Mexico. Juan Rivera is Mexican violinist and member of Sones de Mexico who is from the Mexican state of Michoacán who, together with Los Pichardo, have created a program dedicated to the music of Tierra Caliente, Michoacán. The music of this region is performed on violin, guitarra de golpe, vihuela and arpa grande (large harp). They will be joined by visiting Mexican Huasteco violinist, Felipe Robles.


Felipe Roble will give a Huasteco violin workshop as part of the Thursday Workshop Series on 8/5/10



Gaida (9:30pm)


NYC-based Syrian vocalist and composer Gaida performs innovative interpretations of classic and folk songs from the Arabic repertoire, original compositions as well as a freestyle improvisation over Arabic/African/Latin grooves. Her ensemble „Levantine Indulgence” – named after her debut CD – will include world recognized musicians oudist Zafer Tawil, percussionist Tony Advivo, Tareq Abbushe on buszuk, and Jennifer Vincent on upright bass.


A Dabke dance workshop will be given as part of the Thursday Workshop Series on 8/12/10



Argentina Tango On Stage


The Old Town School of Folk Music in partnership with the American Tango Institute present Argentina Tango On Stage, the culminating event of ATI’s annual Tango on the Town Festival (see Tango Festival). Argentina Tango On Stage is led by Uruguayan violinist, Victoria Moreira and features NYC based bandoneonist, David Hodges. This multi-national ensemble combines talent from Argentina, Uruguay and the US, echoing the teeming port cities that gave birth to the music and dance of tango.


David Hodges will give a Bandoneon workshop as part of the Thursday Workshop Series on 9/2/10




Tambours Sans Frontiers is an internationally recognized traditional acoustic band from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Percussionist and dancer, Teber Milandou-Sita, the band’s leader and co-founder in Africa relocated to Chicago in 2008 and quickly moved to establish the band in the Midwest. The new band features top African drummers and dancers from Chicago and Pline Mounzeo, also from Brazzaville. Tambours Sans Frontiers will present a highly energetic program that includes music from their CD Africa Bouge!.


Teber and Pline will give an African drumming and dance workshop as part of the Thursday Workshop Series on 9/9/10



Central American Independence Day


Five countries in Central America celebrate their independence from Spain on September 15th every year. It is sometimes a challenging day to celebrate in Chicago as Central America shares the date with the Mexican „Grito de Independencia”. We are pleased to present a program full of Central American music and dance from Guatemala in the north to Panama in the south. This event is produced in partnership with the Sociedad Cívica Centro Americana.




August 27-29, 2010

Tango On The Town Festival at The Old Town School of Folk Music


Learn Argentine tango from the best in tango dancers from Argentina in these afternoon workshops! This tantalizing dance & music extravaganza sponsored by The American Tango Institute & The Old Town School offers something for everyone; concerts and workshops for novices, experienced dancers, adults & kids. Never danced tango? Fast Track Novice Series will get you dancing in 6 rigorous workshops. For more information visit or



Saturday, September 4, 2010, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Brazilian Independence Day Celebration

Tickets $15, $13 Old Town School Members, $11 Seniors and Children


The Old Town School of Folk Music, in partnership with Marcos Oliveira and Swing Brasileiro present another night of Brazilian music and dance in recognition of Brazilian Independence. Artists will include reknowned faculty at the Old Town School and special guest artists celebrating the enormous diversity of music and culture in Brazil.



Sunday September 12, 2010, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Voices of Resistance Nine: Fair and Lovely (South Asian) Tickets $15, $13 Old Town School Members, $11 Seniors and Children


The Old Town School of Folk Music in partnership with the South Asian Progressive Action Collective (SAPAC) presents The Voices of Resistance Nine (VOR9), an annual SAPAC event in its 9th rendition, featuring local artists of South Asian descent who use their art to empower and transform their communities.  Continuing SAPAC’s tradition of politically conscious art, VOR9: Fair & Lovely will address diverse themes, including the complexities of identity, our understandings of beauty, and the struggle for acceptance and compassion in our lives.




All Workshops $20

6pm – 7:20pm

For More Info:


June 24, 2010

Mexican traditional music workshop with P’indékuecha (See World Music Wednesdays 6/23/10)


P’indékuecha are a musical group and members of the indigenous P’urepecha ethnicity of Michoacán, Mexico. They will be giving a workshop on the traditional music of that region; abajeño, son and pirekua using violin, guitar, bass and vocals. Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments but they are not required for participation.



July 1, 2010

Brazilian percussion workshop with Felipe Fraga


Most world music aficionados might think of samba as the principal Brazilian beat but the fifth largest country in the world is a treasure trove of rhythms.  Felipe Fraga, percussionist and founder of Chicago’s Unidos do Quilombo percussion ensemble, will offer a percussion workshop focusing on lesser-known rhythms, the Bahian Olodum and Afro-Brazilian Ijexá.  Participants will be introduced to instruments used in these styles: surdo, caixa, agogô, atabaque, shaker, shekere and tamborim.  Some instruments will be provided but students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to bring their own instruments, including congas and shekeres.



July 8, 2010

Venezuelan Joropo music and dance workshop with Leonard Jacome y sus Cuerdas Bajo Presion (See World Music Wednesdays 7/7/10)


Leonard Jacome and members of his group will introduce students to Venezuelan Joropo music featuring harp, Venezuelan cuatro, bass, clarinet and maracas. The accompanying dance will also be taughtStudents are encouraged to bring their instruments but they are not required for participation.



July 15, 2010

Thai music workshop with Boy Thai Band (See World Music Wednesdays 7/14/10)


Join members of the Thai Boy Band to explore traditional Thai instruments, Renat (Thai xylophone), flute and percussion and how they can be applied to contemporary rock, jazz, Latin and pop music.


Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments although they are not required for participation.



July 22, 2010

Colombian accordion workshop with Hernan Caraballo


Hernan Caraballo is Chicago’s premiere Colombian accordionist and performs regularly with his band Juvenato Vallenato. He will teach Colombian accordion styles, vallenato and cumbia on the button accordion. This workshop is open to accordion players of all skill levels. Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments although two additional accordions will be made available.



July 29, 2010

Eastern Guitar Styles with Gary Kalar


Guitar has been used in the Eastern world since the 1940s, as both an addition to traditional ensembles and as an inspiration for „world fusion” and innovation. Gary Kalar, guitarist with Lamajamal and Mucca Pazza presents a guitar workshop that gives the students a general idea of the harmonic arrangements, scales, and rhythms used in Middle Eastern, Indian, Greek and Balkan guitar styles.



August 5, 2010

Mexican Huasteco Violin workshop with Felipe Robles (See World Music Wednesdays 8/4/10)


Multi-instrumentalist Felipe Robles is a master of the Mexican Huasteco style of violin playing who has performed and recorded with top artists in this genre throughout Mexico. Violinists of all genres are encouraged to bring their instruments for an exploration of this uniquely Mexican genre.



August 12, 2010

Dabke dance workshop with Muna Kuttab


From the Mediterranean coasts to the Mountains of Lebanon and banks of the Euphrates River, Dabke is a traditional folk group dance that stems in countries along the east side of the Mediterranean Sea with different variations.  Known for its high energy and spirit, Dabke (translation: the act of stomping one’s foot) is danced in weddings, celebrations, cultural events, and professional performances.  This dramatic yet lively dance includes basic steps that a group can perform simultaneously, and more complex routines that are colorfully choreographed to dramatic folk music and rhythmic variations.  This workshop will provide some of the basic and more complex dance steps, as well as choreography to a song medley.



Saturday August 28, 2010 (See Tango on the Town Festival) Talented Uruguayan violinist, Victoria Moreira, will teach the essentials in playing violin for Argentine tango for two skill levels.


Tango Violin 2 (1-2:30pm): For violinists interested in exploring new technique, this workshop will introduce origins of tango; role of each instrument in different periods and styles; general characteristics of Tango, Milonga and Vals.


Tango Violin 3: (3-4:30pm) For advanced violinists, this workshop will introduce origins of tango; role of each instrument in different periods and styles; playing rhythm and accompaniment versus playing melodies, countermelodies and variations; general characteristics, musical form and playing styles of Tango Milonga and Vals.



September 2, 2010

Bandoneon workshop with David Hodges  (See World Music Wednesdays 9/1/10)


The bandoneon is the powerful soul of Argentine tango music.  Bandoneonist David Hodges will introduce this bohemian instrument, teach basic technique and explore its importance in the evolution of tango music. Hodges is the featured bandoneonist with Argentina Tango On Stage and has performed with many of the top tango ensembles across the U.S.. No instrument is required to attend this workshop.



September 9, 2010

Congolese Percussion and Dance workshop with Teber and Pline (See World Music Wednesdays 9/8/10)


Congolese traditional rhythms were originally played in the forest village square to heal both physical and psychological maladies, to celebrate life’s important passages and just to have fun. Teber Milandou-Sita and Pline Mounzeo, from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, are master drummers and dancers with 20 years of experience with their country’s finest traditional music and dance groups. They will give a drumming and dance workshop based on traditional Congolese rhythms ituri kanga, edenda, and mountwash (pure original rhumba). The drum used is the senga n’goma or djembe. Students should bring their own drum although some loaner instruments will be available.



September 16, 2010

Indian Fusion as taught by Bhavani Lee


Lee, the creator of New Kathak Dance of New York City will lead participants in a class that will weave Kathak classical Indian dance with a modern thread that includes both flamenco and modern dance elements.  The dance movements are sensuous as well as rhythmic.


Bhavani Lee is a performer, choreographer, and educator, who has showcased her distinct and innovative dance method worldwide. Raised on the spiritual traditions of yoga and meditation Lee’s passion lies in the unity between mind, body, and soul.





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