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Fow of Federal resources to Midwest continues

FEMAPresident Bush signs disaster declaration for Wisconsin.

WASHINGTON– The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal departments and agencies continue to support the states affected by floods and tornadoes in the Midwest, as FEMA Logistics continues to coordinate with the agency’s Region V and Region VII to maintain the flow of resources to Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kansas.

Meanwhile, FEMA is moving ahead with contingency plans for the provision of resources and assistance that it anticipates may be needed next week, amid concerns about potential flooding along the Lower Mississippi River as flood waters flow south from up river.

The president has approved a major disaster declaration for the State of Wisconsin for weather events that began June 5, 2008. The declaration provides for Individual Assistance for Crawford, Columbia, Sauk, Milwaukee and Vernon counties; and for Hazard Mitigation statewide. The existing federal disaster declaration for Iowa has been expanded to include an additional 15 counties for Individual Assistance and 10 counties for Public Assistance; 14 counties were added in Indiana for Individual Assistance.


FDA Logo
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FDA – Dental Fillings Found to Have Health Risks

FDA LogoFollowing a recent court case in California the FDA has been forced to take a closer look at dental mercury/metal fillings. The group “Mom’s Against Mercury” has won a court settlement, which now forces the FDA to reconsider the status and safety of mercury metal fillings. The settled agreement calls for the FDA to complete its reclassification of dental amalgam by July of 2009. At that point there will be specific guidelines and descriptive health risks associated with mercury/metal fillings. As for now, the FDA has updated its consumer information on the subject of mercury metal fillings. The FDA no longer claims mercury is harmless. The language has now been dramatically changed.

“Dental amalgams contain mercury which may have neurotoxic affects on the nervous system of developing children and fetuses. When amalgam fillings are placed in teeth or removed from teeth they release mercury vapor. Mercury vapor is also released during chewing. FDA’s rule making will examine evidence concerning whether release of mercury vapor can cause health problems, including neurological disorders, in children and fetuses. Pregnant women and persons who may have a health condition that makes them more sensitive to mercury exposure, including individuals with existing high levels of mercury bioburden, should not avoid dental care, but should discuss the options with their health practitioner.”


Donna Chmara, Paul Bosse, Bozena Bienkowska.
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American Council for Polish Culture Board Meeting in Trenton, NJ

By Jo Louise Winters, PR Chair

The recent weekend Spring Board Meeting of the American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) was hosted by the Polish Arts Club of Trenton, NJ. Led by the enthusiastic and energetic Club President, Mrs. Donna Chmara, the Council’s Board members enjoyed a very hospitable reception Friday evening, and a splendid working lunch on Saturday. The superb climax was the Club’s 62nd Annual Polonaise Ball and Scholarship Awards Dinner at the Trenton Country Club. Ceremonies included scholarship awards to eight high school graduates who will be attending a college or university this fall. Two distinguished Polonia activists in the region, Bozena Bienkowska and Karol Nawarynski, were recognized and honored at this event.

[caption id="attachment_26616" align="alignnone" width="500"]Donna Chmara, Paul Bosse, Bozena Bienkowska.Pictured: L/R – Donna Chmara, Paul Bosse, Bozena Bienkowska.[/caption]

Mrs. Bienkowska emigrated with her husband and daughter to the U.S. in 1989. She continued her education and just two years after arriving in this country, she opened a travel and tax services business. While running a successful business she devotes herself to helping recent immigrants, assisting with translations in government offices, hospitals and the Immigration & Naturalization Service. She sings in the church choir, is president of the Rosary Society and helps organize the annual pilgrimage to Czestochowa.


Tony Rezko
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The Rezko Corruption Verdict

Tony RezkoStatement from Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna regarding the Tony Rezko verdict:

„Today’s guilty verdict for Tony Rezko is another sad reminder of the broken political system in Illinois and the continuing nightmare of corruption in this state.

„The headlines tomorrow will reduce an already diminished faith in public service from a people – who in Illinois – face the highest gas prices in the nation, huge taxes and out-of-control spending.

„Democrats promised change and the people of Illinois have gotten the same old song and dance.

„Now that the trial has come to an end, it’s time Rod Blagojevich came clean with the people of Illinois and answered the numerous questions surrounding his involvement with Tony Rezko.”


Gas prices
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Oil Solution.org Gives 3-step plan to drive oil and gas prices down 15% In 30 Days

Gas pricesPHOENIX, May 27 /PRNewswire/ — Americans who are feeling frustrated, squeezed and powerless to solve the emerging oil and gas crisis are now being offered a serious solution from „Black Gold Stranglehold” author/oil expert Craig R. Smith.  

During your Talk Show interview with Craig Smith he shares with your audience how surging oil and gas prices are fueling ever-higher inflation– particularly in the food market due to increased transporation costs.

Craig explains that the average  U.S. gasoline price rose to $3.83 a gallon last week, up 22% from its year-ago  price of $3.10 a gallon. Crude oil prices are up 34% so far in 2008, with some  experts predicting $150 to $200 a barrel.  


Polish Americans Register to Vote
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Just like 100 years ago, Polish Americans register to vote

Polish Americans Register to VoteBrooklyn, N.Y. ..To encourage their participation in the upcoming presidential election, the Polish American Congress took its 2008 Voter Registration Drive to Williamsburg and the members of Our Lady of Consolation Church.

Shown above are some members of the committee as they help the parishioners complete their Board of Elections registration forms Chris Rybkiewicz (left) who heads the registration unit and Frank Milewski (center), president of the Downstate N.Y. Division of the Congress.

As they arrived in New York’s Ellis Island at the start of the 20th Century, many of the immigrants from Eastern Europe chose to settle in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.


Dan Lipinski
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Lipinski Hails Passage of Renewable Energy Legislation

Dan Lipinski[WASHINGTON, DC] Today, Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) helped pass sweeping energy legislation that will revolutionize America’s energy economy by freeing the United States from its dependence on foreign oil, creating millions of new jobs, and reducing the threat of climate change. The Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008 (H.R. 6049) would provide nearly $20 billion in tax incentives for renewable energy, carbon capture and sequestration projects, energy efficiency, and conservation.

America’s current use of energy threatens our pocketbooks, our environment, and our national security,” said Rep. Lipinski. “Americans are ready to chart a new, diverse energy future where we use domestically-produced, clean, renewable fuels in the most efficient manner possible. This bill will get us to that brighter future.”


Marine Salutes over Graves
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What We Owe Our Soldiers

Marine Salutes over GravesEvery Memorial Day, we pay tribute to the American men and women who have died in combat. With speeches and solemn ceremonies, we recognize their courage and valor. But one fact goes unacknowledged in our Memorial Day tributes: all too many of our soldiers have died unnecessarily–because they were sent to fight for a purpose other than America‚s freedom.

The proper purpose of a government is to protect its citizens’ lives and freedom against the initiation of force by criminals at home and aggressors abroad. The American government has a sacred responsibility to recognize the individual value of every one of its citizens’ lives, and thus to do everything possible to protect the rights of each to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. This absolutely includes our soldiers.


Governor of Illinois
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Gov. Blagojevich reminds young internet users of potential online dangers

Governor of IllinoisIllinois State Police kicks off summer NetSmartz training; provides safety tips to protect children while online

SPRINGFIELD – As school children and parents across the state prepare for summer dismissal, Governor Rod R. Blagojevich and Illinois State Police (ISP) Director Larry G. Trent today reminded adolescents and parents of the dangers associated with using the internet. The announcement comes as the ISP kicks off a summer tour of NetSmartz training workshops that combine the newest technologies and current research into high-impact educational activities that teach kids how to stay safe from predators while online.


Hand holding swabs
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Physicians at IBJI Discover Link To Post Op Infections

Hand holding swabsIllinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI) physicians associated with Evanston Northwestern Hospital (ENH) have discovered a link between nasal staff bacteria and post-surgical infections.

The study, published in the March issue of Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, was conducted by Dr. Lance Peterson, an infection disease specialist, and IBJI surgeons Dr. James Kudrna and Dr. William Robb. 

The study which began in 2003 involved a simple pre-operative nasal swab test for Staphylococcus Aureus or S. Aureus.  S. Aureus is responsible for the majority of post-surgical infections in Total Knee and Total Hip Arthroplasty surgeries.