2015 ASA Conference is coming to Chicago


The 2015 ASA Conference is in “Windy City’, March 23-27, 2015. The link to website is provided below.

“Aging in America”, the annual conference of the American Society on Aging, is the nation’s largest multidisciplinary conference for professionals who work with older adults, including the organizations and businesses increasingly interested in this growing market”, inform organizers.

Organizers estimate that about 3,000 professionals from across the country will attend ASA 2015 Conference. They have developed over 400 educational programs. General sessions are planned as the cornerstones of the conference. There are plenty other learning opportunities like field trips to visit institutions serving senior population in Chicago. They will provide unique possibility of observing how many competent and dedicated professionals provide programs and services for seniors. There will be plenty of networking opportunities for professionals at ASA annual conference to meet, exchange ideas.

Several Chicago leading experts in the area of aging are the Co-Chairs of 2015 ASA Conference: Joyce Gallagher, Executive Director of Chicago Department of Family and Support Services. She is well known in Chicago and has been on the forefront of serving Chicago seniors for many years. Jon Lavin, President and CEO of Age Options is another Conference Co-Chair. His organization serves seniors and professionals in Cook County. Robyn Golden, Director of Health and Aging at Rush University Medical Center is another Co-Chair.

Chicago has many programs, services for seniors that are provided on regular bases. There are also some large events that bring seniors from across Chicago like Seniors Fest, that is organized at the Millennium Park in Chicago, in September. Several thousand seniors from across the city attend Senior Fest benefiting from concerts – prepared by their fellow senior artists, dancing and to hear speeches by leaders from Chicago and the state of Illinois. Millennium Park is magnificent, located in Chicago downtown and provides unforgettable opportunity to hear music outdoor and possibility of watching city skyline and is located in close proximity to the Lake of Michigan.

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago stated during the Senior Fest in 2014 that the City of Chicago got recognition as the Senior Friendly Cityby the international organizations.

State of Illinois is visited by international delegations that are coming to learn about programs and services for seniors in recent years.
The 2015 ASA Conference is organized in the very important timing, before the 2015 the White Conference on Aging. In 2015 there will be the 50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid Programs and the 80th Anniversary of the Social Security Program. Each of these federal programs provides services for millions of beneficiaries all over the United States. The demands for services are rapidly growing and resources are limited. Many changes happen in Chicago, in the State of Illinois, in other states and on the national level.

Organizers of 2015 ASA Conference on Aging promise to help professionals to be better prepared in process of learning and navigating the change.
If you are interested to learn more about the 2015 ASA Conference please check the website below. There are many valuable resources for professionals and for readers who would like to get general information about field of Aging.

by Andrew (Andrzej) Mikolajczyk