$822,800 Super Bowl suite


Forget hosting a party to watch Super Bowl XLVIII. Set the DVR to record all the commercials everyone will be talking about. Get a group of friends together and make a passionate plea for everyone to chip in and buy a ticket to watch the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks square off on February 2.

This is where it gets tricky.

Let everyone know there is currently a deal on StubHub.com to purchase a suite for the game. Sure, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will sit outside during the Super Bowl, but let him freeze. You guys will watch the game in style.

How much does the suite cost?

It is only $822,800.02 for a 26-person suite.

Merely $31,646 per person.

That “includes” food and drinks, plus access to a private restroom. For nearly a million dollars, you don’t go out for beer … beer comes to you.

It might take emptying out a 401K account, or striking it rich in Powerball, for most people to afford those tickets, but that is what it takes to watch the Super Bowl in luxury this year.

In fact, SeatGeek.com analyst Connor Gregoire said a similar suite listed for $1,019,000 as of Monday. Gregoire said the suite seemingly did not sell at that price, but it was either taken down or the price was adjusted. One thing is for sure, it was not available on Groupon.com.

Gregoire said prices for indoor suites are higher than previous Super Bowls. The cheapest suite on SeatGeek.com right now is $377,000, but in previous years they started around $225,000. The going rate for a Commissioners Club Suite (the best boxes at MetLife, right in the middle of the lower level between the 20-yard lines) is $842,000.

According to Forbes.com writer Jesse Lawrence, there is a reasonable explanation for the price increase:

“In years past, suite holders for the Jets and Giants would have gotten access to their suites for the Super Bowl, which they could in turn sell for a hefty profit. This year, the NFL pulled it’s version of eminent domain and took away suites from team season ticket holders to include them as part of million dollars sponsorships for the NY/NJ Super Bowl host Committee. The committee has 28 sponsors, and when you add to that teams, the league, and existing sponsors, there are likely less than ten suites on the market, compared to 30 in an average year.”

For those NFL fans on a budget, Gregoire said the cheapest ticket currently available on secondary markets for the Super Bowl cost $2,000 for a seat in the upper deck end zone. There are over 17,000 tickets listed on secondary markets as of Tuesday afternoon, representing roughly 20 to 25 percent of the capacity at MetLife Stadium.

However, after seeing what is available for nearly $1 million, any other seat seems average.

Source: Yahoo Sports
Photo: USA Today Sports