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If you did not hear of Cultural Marxism, beware, you are now immersed in it with daily messaging without you even realizing what it is, although you may feel the smell of it. The purpose of this article is to explain how this degenerate concept came about and when it was introduced and what was the primary reason for its existence. To start with, at its inception, it was never referred to as Cultural Marxism, as Critical Race Theory, it was known just as the Critical Theory. Some historical backdrop is a mandatory exercise to understand fully its concept and purposes.

We must start with Karl Marx and his landmark masterpiece “The Communist Manifesto” – the premier guide to Classical/Economic Marxism which was published in 1848. For simplicity, Marx divided the capitalist societies of the West into two groups: bourgeoisie/capitalists, those that control the means of production, and the proletariat/working class, or simply ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. Karl Marx firmly believed that the economic conditions are behind the working class misery, which at the time, experienced not only dangerous and unhealthy working conditions, but the people were often exploited at the initial stages of industrial capitalism.

Karl Marx postulated in the Manifesto that the only way to secure victory and to guarantee a truly humane society ought to be based on the principle “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” and to abolish all private property in the process, with the State in total control. He also believed that for the “dictatorship of the proletariat” to flourish and to firmly establish socialism, it must be done by brute force of a violent overthrow of the system, or simply by bloody revolution. Well, to the dismay of all followers of Marx, calling for violent overthrow of capitalism, in the most advanced countries of the West, such as America, France, Germany, or Great Britain, it did not materialize at all. It did not materialize despite the opportune moments of WWI. To their total dismay, it materialized in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Czarist Russia, the most agrarian and backward country where it had no place to happen ever. Even the Russian Communists’ attempt to help the Western Proletariat brothers in the War of 1920, totally failed because their military campaign was halted and the Bolsheviks were defeated by Polish forces at the Battle of Warsaw, Poland.

The Polish Nation was vehemently opposed to the red menace of Bolshevism from its very beginning Lack of action on the part of the working class to rise up in a proletarian revolution against the oppressors in the West have stumped all communist thinkers and ideologists.

They realized then, that although the economic conditions may be difficult for the working class, they are not willing to risk it all for the sake of revolution. The master planners realized that the reluctance of the working class is due to the fact that cultural, religious and patriarchal and hierarchical upbringing is a powerful force preventing a revolution by the working class. They fully realized that the Cultures in Western Societies are blocking the proletariat’s violent revolutions. They totally changed Marxist ideology by switching from Economic Marxism to Cultural Marxism. This was a wake-up call for all Marxists, who realized that they must first reeducate and indoctrinate all people before trying to strike successfully again. No more violent overthrows or bloody revolutions, let’s tap the minds of all young people to brainwash them with a new ideology before the next move. That is the precise moment in time, when Marxist ideologues created the Frankfurt School in Germany in 1923. Just like Marx had a rich friend with deep pockets, Fredrick Engels, also the Frankfurt School found a rich donor, Herman Weil, father of Felix Weil, one of the original founders of the School. Thus, initially an “Institute of Marxism” was created, but for public relations purposes, it was changed to “The Institute of Social Research”. The Institute was now firmly established at the Goethe University in Frankfurt just to be renamed again in the 1960s to receive a more appropriate epitaph of “Karl Marx University” nowadays known around the World as the “Frankfurt School”.

Now, with the first director Carl Grünberg in place, and later Max Horkheimer, the School was prepared for the Critical Theory doctrine to develop since so much was already prepared. The School’s existence was short lived since Hitler forced its closure in 1933, and temporarily, the School moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and in 1935 to Columbia University in New York. From that moment on, the School has spread its ideas in the United States like a wildfire across all institutions of higher learning. At last, here in the United States, the Cultural Marxist completed their arduous journey of the “Long march through the institutions of power”. Since 1970s, a second generation of the Frankfurt School of Marxists began spreading globally with Jürgen Habermas at the helm.

It should be stressed that although the Cultural Marxist doctrine

originated in Frankfurt, Germany, it was also being prepared for this movement at about the same time by Antonio Gramsci who was then in an Italian prison very busy writing his landmark piece later to be known as “The Prison Notebooks” where he spelled out in detail his views on the Cultural Marxism, or Neo-Marxism as we also know it today. Actually, it is Antonio Gramsci who is considered to be the master mind behind the Critical Race Theory concept.

As you may realize by now, Cultural Marxists are willing to use every tool, every trick to achieve their means. In the end, they have decided to throw a “race card” into the ideology. They knew fully well, that the “race card” can ferment and polarize further the society to their benefit, and therefore, from the late 60’s they are using their slogan name, “Critical Race Theory”. CRT scholars will tell you that they refer to the perpetuating racism in every society which benefits the white people at the expense of colored people. I have a true disdain for such propaganda shortcuts, since I cannot do anything about my skin color and this still makes me a racist. But, I wonder, who are the people of color in China?

Now is the time for Casey’s Key Pointe: Never before in existence of humankind was there an attempt to devise such a self-destructive ideology, where exists a total disdain and disregard for your own self, your identity, your religion, your family and your life. This ideology defies human nature and the human condition. It is most insidious, because it uses our own democratic principles, values and institutions in a very stealthy and most disruptive manner possible. In the end, it destroys the very fabric of our cultural heritage, our religion, our families, and our way of life. There is an example from the 1960s, where Herbert Marcuse as their spokesman, initiated a counter-culture revolution where sexual promiscuity and drug abuse were encouraged among our youth.

It is extremely important to observe that a profound change was made midcourse by the Marxists with respect to the working class itself. Initially, it was to be the only instrument of the proletarian revolution, but later even by the admission of Marcuse, the Marxists no longer relied on the working class as the agent of change. They started to move in favor of the outcasts and the outsiders, the unemployed and the unemployable as the main vanguard for social changes. It is quite odd if not weird, for social thinkers to make such a fundamental transformation. That is why today, not the victims, but the criminal elements are being treated as the protected class by our court system.

What makes this ideology very frightening is that, with a few exceptions, the mass media, social media, radio and entertainment industries are behind them, because even they are afraid to speak up against the Beast and be canceled at any moment by the powerful Marxist voices. To make things worse, they have unlimited financial backing of the international philanthropy of the George Soros “Open Society Foundation” which promotes the leftists mayhem projects around the World.

Yes, it does not kill us by a firing squad or by mass starvation, but by institutional powers it can make us irrelevant, daily lives miserable and they can cancel us at will by denying access to our social media or other services we rely on. Oh yes, what a wonderful and enticing doctrine it is! In your life, you are totally emancipated as an individual to enjoy all for your own self-indulging pleasures, even, if nature did not mean it to be. They are on the way to create a truly hedonistic palace of pleasure without any limitations. Their first attempt to exercise their potentials occurred in 1919, in Hungary where a Marxist, György Lukács, as a Commissar for Education and Culture, under the Bolshevik regime, introduced a radical sex education program in all schools. The Hungarian children were taught about free love, sexual intercourse, irrelevance of monogamy and of organized religion. Take a good look at what your children are being taught in their classrooms today. Also, it is another good reason why the C.H.L.E.B.E.K. ACT (Congressional Historic Legislation for Endowment of Birth Equality Knowledge) should be passed and introduced in our public school system (Casey’s Key Pointe Newsletter Vol 2).

It cannot be overemphasized, that these so called Marxist philosophers were and are hypocrites and fraudsters in one. I would like to call them social con-artists. Why, they all were and are very privileged individuals in the Western Societies. They all benefited and benefit immensely from the capitalist system and its institutions. Although, they all so much despised and advocated its destruction, and yet, they never abandoned their comfortable capitalist lifestyles. Moreover, they were profoundly indifferent to the suffering of their proletarian brotherhood in Russia, China, Cambodia and elsewhere, where in total over 100 million people were killed and hundreds of millions more were suffering due to the very brutal and merciless implementation of their concepts of social justice for all.

In their view, all action can be either useful or harmful, virtuous or wicked, and it all depends on their point of reference whether they gain power or lose it. Never forget, these Marxist ideologues and their followers have no principles, no moral or ethical values at all to achieve their one-dimensional view of the World, totalitarian control with no dissent allowed. Any dissent, in their view makes you an enemy of the State, or today, even worse, a terrorist. I remember it all quite well, being labeled an enemy of the State, a traitor and being under surveillance, just as it was in Poland, which I left behind in 1967.

Collectively, we must all recognize that their main purpose is not just to destroy the Capitalist System, but to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture, to destroy our families and our American identity. Also, we all must notice that this destructive, delusional and dystopian ideology was slowly percolating and it is relentlessly in the making for the last 100 years. The planners were very careful and methodical to introduce the concept of emancipation of the society and of the human being throughout all institutions of education and power. Now, in reverse, we must take also equally careful and methodical measures to limit and/or eradicate their influence on us, our society, on our country’s future and on our new generations.

Despite the large influence of Cultural Marxism, commonly known also as “woke”, the followers are a relatively small minority, and they will quickly retreat when they sense responsible authority and determination. There are already tested solutions to eliminate this cancer from our society, e.g. remove them from the school boardrooms, buy them out by example of Elon Musk (vs. Twitter), change legislation that gives them powers and tax benefits without any oversight (DeSantis vs. Disney World), or eliminate immunity protection under Section 230 for all media outlets. Finally, make sure that you elect legislators who will vote for adopting such measures.